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2114RE: [Distillers] top shelf essence

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  • Pete Sayers
    Apr 11, 2001
      One of the problems with the T/S Finest Reserve Whisky, is that it takes a
      bit of time to develope.It is also best to use a slightly stronger spirit,
      say 43-45%, and dilute it later.I made the mistake of drinking mine a bit
      early, and it was'nt up to scratch. The next one i make i will leave it
      longer.As far as the haze at the bottom goes, try filtering the product thru
      a coffee filter to remove the haze. I gather the haze is formed by one of
      the additives that is necessary for flavour and nothing else, so the removal
      of this part results in an inferior taste. Still Spirits are working on the
      regards Pete

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      > Can someone tell me how the top shelf finest reserve scotch whiskey
      > compares to the rest of the classic style flavours??
      > My experence of this essence is not good. Actually went very cloudy with
      something that looks very much like dirt settling to the bottom!!. Have
      tried it twice with the same result. There was a leaflet issued by the
      manufacturer afterwards which acknowleged a problem and suggested only
      adding essence at cold temps. etc but I could'nt get a good result. Flavour
      is interesting though, very peaty.
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