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2112RE: [Distillers] Oak chips

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  • Thomas Hart
    Apr 11, 2001
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      The true oak character in good old American whiskey comes not simply from
      American oak, but oak that has been charred. Oak chips have not gone
      through this important process and therefore, while they will give a woody
      flavor, they will not give the other characters we all love. I like to buy
      a board of American White Oak and cut it into small stacks. I then place
      them in a metal container with a tight sealing lid (like a clean paint can)
      and then heat the can. I do this to the point where I have charred the
      outsides of the sticks. This promotes the vanillins and so forth in the
      wood, at least that is what I believe! I then place these charred sticks in
      my liquor and let them work there magic.

      I also have found that I am happier with my end results if I make it our of
      a mash with corn, malted barley and rye (or wheat). I also run this out of
      my reflux to equate about 2 1/2 distillations in a pot still.

      For interesting reading check out the Whiskey Pages of the Malt Advocate at

      Have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labors!

      the Stillpastor

      PS You can't rush whiskey and expect it to be as good as the real thing.
      If you could the big guys wouldn't bother doing what they do.

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      > I just purchased some american oak chips and if i soak them in 40%
      > neutral spirit which someone that i know has done,what sort of
      > flavour will this give it...is it enough to make it a good drink with
      > time??....the colour that the spirit has gone is amazing in only a
      > week...one packet in about 8 litres of spirit
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      >This will give an excellent whiskey style drink. Should be good to filter
      off in about 3 weeks but I have left some for up to 6 months with good
      results. Chips work a lot faster than a barrel because of the large surface
      area in contact with a small amount of spirit.


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