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2089Re: Temp controller

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  • Kev
    Apr 2, 2001
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      Hi Paul,

      > Can anybody help with details of a Temp controller for a 1200 watt
      > in my still

      If you look at the info and links on Tony's web site,
      http://www.geocities.com/kiwi_distiller/control.htm you should find
      what you need.

      > so as i can convert it to a pot still and control the exact
      > amount of heat input.

      I feel duty bound to point out that putting a temp. controller on the
      element won't make your still into a pot still, it's the lack of
      reflux that does that. But I'm sure you already knew that.

      >Is it called a triac?

      A Triac seems to be the popular way to do it for loads over 1Kw. I've
      seen light dimmer switches up to that value which I think use a
      variable resistor. My brother's the electronics wizard, I only tinker
      around the edges of it. He's supposed to be drawing me up a parts
      list and circuit diagram for my own 1380watt element, but he hasn't
      come up with the goods yet.

      > where would i conjure up the
      > drawings if available as a mate could build it for me if needed.

      Again, the links on Tony's site give some diagrams and pictures. If
      you've got a mate who knows what (s)he's doing with electronics (s)he
      might be able to design it from scratch for you as well as build it.

      My Bro's answer to my question "wots a Triac?" was:

      'A quick answer, a Triac is a method of controling a sinewave to
      limit the power of, for instance, heating elements. As a simple
      explanation it "chops" part of the sine wave so that you do not get
      the full power from it. This can be controlled as to how much you
      chop and therefore how much power goes to the heater.'


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