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20128Re: Thermocouple monitor

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  • emailbenja
    Apr 4, 2004
      using thermocouples is good but how can you afford to use 10????
      If you are in OZ (and maybe NZ), check out RS online, or Farnell
      Components. Farnell is probably the best for range and price, but i
      still think it will take quite a while to see the cost benefits of
      installing multiple electronic sensors, even though they will give a
      great amount of info about what is happening in your still. As an
      electrical engineer, i think it is the best way to go if you want a
      controlled quality output (i know most wont agree), and there are
      products out there that will let you monitor over 100 in/out puts at
      one time (just in case you want to expand!!)
      Let me know your source, i am currently designing a new hightec still
      for the new milllenium.

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