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19450Re: oak aging

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  • tmdellinger
    Mar 2, 2004
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      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, K&J <macandjo@p...> wrote:
      > My still
      > produces good clean alcohol at 95 ABV% and wonder if the extraction
      > the
      > Oak flavours would be better and come out quicker at higher Abv's
      > if I
      > did increase ABV should I amend the Oak quantities on a pro rata
      > basis,
      > considering that my quantities is based on 40%ABV?

      I posted a summary of Piggot et. al.'s take on this question
      back in Nov '03 (message #16392) from the book The Science
      and Technology of Whiskies.

      "...an ethanol content of around 60% is the most effective
      concentration for taking the extracts from oak wood into sprits."

      The 60% figure is a balance between the need for water (which
      speeds up the breakdown of wood) and ethanol (which increases
      the solubility of these breakdown products). Also, note that
      the taste will be different depending on aging proof. So the
      fastest extraction might not neccessarily be the tastiest.

      Tim Dellinger
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