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19421grain --- a few ideas feed back wanted

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  • jestah_nz
    Mar 1, 2004
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      After reading all the post (thanks) and getting my hands on make
      pure corn whiskey i have a few last questions...

      Corn has to be crushed yes but the lack of a grain mill lead me to
      wonder ... can it be popped? would popping corn work? (unbuttered
      and unsalted :)

      Could fresh corn on the cob be used? and if so should i blend it to
      a soup ?

      In the book the sour mash needs charging with sugar... can if be
      done without sugar? ie do a cooked mash method to get the first
      charge of sugar to get it going. the way i understand it is that the
      yeast makes enziems to make sugar from the grain. so after the fist
      charging what is the need for more sugar?

      just thinking out side my box... but please tell me if its not going
      to work!

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