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  • Derek Hamlet
    Feb 11, 2004
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      Umm, grappa is a distilled product. You've described a version of a second
      Usually a second run is made by adding more liquid and sugar to the
      unpressed skins. If done with wanter and sugar or water and sugar and
      raising it usually makes a lighter, fruitier wine. Others do it with juice
      and it can make a quite remarkable second run for about $2 per bottle.
      I'm a cheapskate and like to mazimize my first run. So after pressing I
      take the pomace (the pressed cake of skins and seeds)_ toss it back in the
      primary, add some commercial wine juice and let her rip. It is often a
      very good wine.
      On 800 original pounds of grapes I would add about 92 litres of juice. I
      find I have to be quite careful to monitor acids and ph as soon as the
      primary fermentation is done because while I know the characteristics of
      the juice I usually know dick squat about the pomace. This is the wine
      that I tend to drink fairly quickly as in a year after fermentation. The
      first runs we usually try to keep untouched for 2 years before we drink.
      Last year's wine was 100% old vine zinfandel from California and we're
      thinking very kind thoughts at the moment because it is looking really good.
      I have yet to have the quantity of red wine available to distill. It tends
      to be on the more expensive end of what one can use as a wash.
      At 09:38 AM 2/11/04, you wrote:
      >Grappa is made from taking the skins after pressing and refermenting
      >with sugar/water. Next harvest, after pressing the skins, add tehm
      >back to your bucket, add water and sugar and let it go. You should
      >be ready to re-press the skins after another week or two.
      >--- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "AtlantaGor" <atlantagor@a...>
      > > Hello,
      > > I am new to this group, I have been making wine for awhile now,
      > > I just picked up a mini distiller, and am interested in making
      > > grappa's brandies, etc.. Haven't had any luck finding out how to
      > > a grappa, says in the instructions i received with the unit just
      > > water, not very helpfull. I was wondering if anyone could give me
      > > some pointers or point me in the direction of some recipes. I
      > > purchased the Lore of Ditilling and The Alaskin bootleggers bible,
      > > but neither had this info.
      > >
      > > Thank you in advance.
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      Derek Hamlet
      Victoria, B.C.
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