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1910Re: [Distillers] yeast propagation

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  • Dick
    Mar 5, 2001
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      Hi all,
      Doesn't the same argument apply here as I've heard against home-
      brewers propagating yeast - if we don't buy yeast from the people who are
      prepared to sell us good yeasts then they'll stop supplying & then we'll have
      no decent yeasts available. Just a thought !!

      From a brewing/wort preparation point of view I'm a firm believer in
      having a decent starter - for a 25l wash pitch with at least 4l of an ACTIVE
      yeast solution, make sure the yeast you want gets a good start and
      eliminates any wild yeast that is trying to get started. Mind you, I've never
      had any problem with turbo yeast - other than when I added it to an already
      fermenting wort - it foamed up all over the place within 2/3 minutes.

      Searching another aspect of micro spore propagation on the Net
      (magic mushrooms I think !!) I understand spore/yeast propagation beyond a
      3rd generation runs the risk of noticeable mutation, from our point of view the
      consequences could be increased production of higher alcohols/fusel oils.
      Anyone any further comments ??
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