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1899Re: [Distillers] yeast propagation

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  • Brad McMahon
    Mar 5, 2001
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      From: "Jack Ricks" <secondhandjack@...>
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      Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 11:43 AM
      Subject: [Distillers] yeast propagation

      > G'day there
      > It appears to me that spending about$10 for yeast for
      > every 25litre batch of wash seems to be a waste of money.

      That's coz it is!

      > I'm using turbo yeast(with the nutrient included in it).
      > Why is it not possible to use only a small portion of this packet of
      > yeast,say20%for every 25l wash.Is it not possible to grow that 20% in
      > a container until its at the same volumn(parts per million of yeast)
      > as you would get from using the whole packet of turbo yeast in the
      > first place?
      > Surely this is possible to do?
      > Has anyone tried to do this with turbo yeast,or any type of yeast for
      > home brewing?

      Absolutely! Brewers do this all the time. When brewing beer it is critical
      to pitch the right volume of yeast to ensure a good fast healthy
      fermentation. This is not so critical when brewing a wash but you are right
      on the money about re-using the yeast.
      Save a small amount, say, 500mL of yeasty wash from your batch in a Coke
      bottle that you have sanitised with bleach, then store in your fridge. Just
      remember not to mistake it for lemon squash when you come home from a night
      out :-) It will keep for a couple of months like this.
      A few days before preparing your next wash, boil up some malt extract or
      sugar and nutrient in a litre of water.
      Wait for it to cool and add this to a sanitised 2 litre PET bottle along
      with your yeast culture. Put a stopper with an airlock - or
      failing that, cling wrap with a rubber band over the bottle mouth (punch a
      small hole with a pin to let the carbon dioxide out.).
      Let this mini-wash ferment away, you can swish and shake the bottle as many
      times as you like - it will increase the cell count.
      When it is fermenting away nicely for a couple of days then add the whole
      bottle or healthy yeast into your freshly made 20 or 25L of wash!

      > I know you would have to add more nutrient to the mix when you put
      > the yeast in the wash.

      Yep - same amount as usual. You can just buy nutrient from now on.
      Eventually the yeast will get infected - there are always contaminants
      getting in somewhere along the way, we are not in a airtight lab! You will
      notice unusual smells in the ferment after reusing the yeast quite a few
      times. In brewing it is very noticable but distillers can get away with a
      lot more infection without noticing off flavours in your output.
      You will get away with buying a new pack every year or longer depending on
      how miserly you are!



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