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1878Re: [Distillers] yeast

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  • Gary Gluyas
    Mar 2, 2001
      Hello Andrew . . . and others

      I have been away from the office for a few days and due to lack of time
      have been unable to reply till now.

      We stock two different types of a high alcohol spirit yeast and they both
      perform exceptionally well - only $2.00 per pack (for 20 - 25L wash)

      Even though it is a slower ferment, I have been using them myself
      experimentally of recent. I am also finding that both yeasts will perform
      as good, and yield as much as the turbo's currently available, which I have
      been using exclusively until now.


      Gary Gluyas


      From: nvo@...
      To: Distillers@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Distillers] yeast
      Date: Thursday, 1 March 2001 20:12

      Just about to add my yeast to my barley/whiskey mash and
      wondered.Does anyone know what sort of yeast to use?.I can only get
      turbo yeast and wondered if I could use it.I am under the impression
      that I dont need the turbo yeast as the mash has enough nutrients for
      the yeast to work.I am making the whiskey as exact as I can after
      seeing a video on how to make poteen just the other week ago.They use
      brewers yeast but every where I go they only have turbo yeast.
      Please can anyone help?

      regards andrew

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