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18774Re: Which head to choose on my new still ?

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  • jestah_nz
    Feb 3, 2004
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      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "lalla23452000"
      <satanz@s...> wrote:
      > But how can I keep the temperature below 80 degrees in the
      > without adjust on the water? I don't need to adjust on the power
      > input?

      temps (i think) are more to do with the alc content in the vapor at
      the point in the still where your thermometer is.:

      So if you have a tallish reflux columb that is well insulated and
      the therm. is above the packing and you have removed the
      heads and hold it at 100% reflux then : alot of ethanol vapor will
      be sitting at the top around the therm. which would be reading
      about 78-78.8c. but if you ran it at NO reflux (pot still) the temp
      would rise as the amount of ethanol vapor around the therm.

      now about heads .... Look into VM (vapor management) heads.
      Dont be fooled by the fancy pants name (as i was. i make a
      single reducer setup DAM GOOD design but it broke as im crap
      at soldering) i then made a VM setup and havnt looked back

      I like it because :

      Simple to use ( just turn a tap to open set reflux . done.)
      good CLEAN flava ...
      slows as heads come through
      and simple to make . ( one pipe suck onto the side of the columb
      to a gate valve to a elbow then to lebig.... NICE as it can be made
      with off shelf parts and only has one simi-tricky join)

      the only draw backs for me are:

      having to wait a few sec to see the change in reflux when you
      turn the gate valve (easy to get use to)
      having to take out top reflux coil and plug with wet rag... not a
      prob for most but im a midget (call me a little person and ill kick
      you in the shins !!!) and cant easy touch the top of my still. :)

      good luck in deciding ... *cough* *cough**VM**cough*


      BOB love ya stuff put it back as it is good and i wouldnt be
      sipping my own stuff if it wasnt for your plans
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