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18754Which head to choose on my new still ?

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  • lalla23452000
    Feb 3, 2004

      I'm gonna build me a new still using a stainless steel 2" column, a
      bit higher than one meter.

      * But I wonder, which head should I choose for my still?
      The one under "photos" and "offset head still", is that a good one?
      (Nixon Stone I think)

      * How does it work? The vapour comes up the condenser coil and fall
      down to the valvue?

      * Won't some of the vapour leave from the top since its an open

      * What's the point of the valvue in the buttom, is that to regulate
      the flow or something? What will changing in the water flow do than?

      * Is it not neccessary to put cooling pipes(s) through the column
      BEFORE the head while using this type?

      Looking forward for some good answers :-) Also very interessted in
      some measures and pictures from a very good still ;-)

      Thanx a lot... MVH Lalla
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