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  • Brain Solenoid
    Feb 1, 2004

      Loved that analogy! Yeah........i recall the time when I used a
      spade bit for making big holes in wood on a beer keg just for shucks
      and grins to see if it would work. It died a tragic, bitter death.

      Holes saws. The way they look here in the U.S. is a painted white,
      hollow steel cylinder with big teeth on one end. On the opposite end
      is the chuck portion that inserts to the drill chuck........usually
      hexagonal in shape due to the cutting forces.
      Attached to the chuck end and pass through the center is a 1/4 inch
      pilot drill used to guide the hole saw and prevent it from wobbling
      during the drill process. However, calling this pilot bit a "drill
      bit" is an oxymoron, since I have snapped so many of these pilot
      drills while drilling through stainless (and aluminum, just this
      morning). I drill a pilot hole roughly the same diameter as the
      pilot bit.

      Here's a link with a picture:

      In the picture, the pilot drill / chuck end is removed.

      I buy a lot of expendable tools from Harbor Freight since I can go
      through grinder discs and drills like a Tijauna tourist goes through
      toilet paper. It's a front for tools made in China, but hey, how
      sofisticated does a drill have to be? Between there and Home Depot,
      I can find about anything I need for project tooling.

      These hole saws are kind of tricky to use and take a little patience
      to become truly proficient, but the results are quite nice and
      reliable. If I ever have problems with hole saws, it's due to the
      pilot drill either snapping or bending, so use a pre-drilled pilot
      hole. Just go slow and use lubricant as stainless drill generates
      some heat that will destroy a bit in a single use.

      Anders, I hope this helps!


      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, Andrew Forsberg <andrew@u...>
      > Big +1 on the beer and bandages there Brian!
      > Can you tell me, and other metalworking-challenged types, some more
      > the hole saws? I've found gear to cut larger holes in wood, but
      they look
      > like the sort of things that'd piss themselves if they stared SS
      straight in
      > the face.
      > All ears!
      > Cheers
      > Anders
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