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18723My little Creation.

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  • Great White North
    Jan 31, 2004
      Greeting Everyone, Long time lurker, poor writer...

      Just finished a stripping run this afternoon. From an 8 gal batch I ended up
      with 1 gal of 83%. After I make 2 more batches I will combine all 3 gals
      plus about 4 gal of water to finish. I have been able to produce 93% purity
      using the hardware I have.

      I placed a few photos in the photo gallery under GWN.

      My boiler started out life as a 10 gal SS Milk Can. The column is 2 inch
      copper, 41 inches long.
      The process I used to connect the column to the milk can lid was pure
      genius! Even if I have to say so myself. Using a standard 2" NPT tubing to
      pipe adapter and a $2 worth of electrical locking nuts and washers. Plus a
      bit of cork for seals... Placed a locking nut on the top along with a washer
      and another locking nut and washer inside the lid. They tighten up really
      well and I have no leaks at all. Plus the steel of the lid is quite strong
      and supports the column very nicely.

      At first I tried SS scrubbers for packing but found they did not provide
      enough surface area. I found an article on the web that suggested using
      broken glass as packing material. Specifically, broken plate glass. Like
      what is in your average patio door. It breaks into the most wonderful little
      beads. Do NOT use the glass from an automobile because, while it breaks into
      the same beads, it has plastic sandwiched between the sheets of glass. I
      can't say if that will cause you any harm but why take the chance??

      I first tried using propane. While this worked, I found it really hard to
      control the temperature. For a stripping run it was fine but for finished
      product it pumped in way too much heat. Plan 'B' was to add the electric
      heating elements. Coupled with a device I found here:

      I was able to create a highly sensitive temperature control device. It works
      simply fantastic!!

      All in all I am very please with my little creation.

      Comments are as always, most welcome.