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  • wolfie_swe
    Jan 8, 2004
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      This sounds like someone who's got his heart set out to discurrage
      people from making their own stills?

      // W.

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      > Did anyone ask if this guy percentage he cut the product to before



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      > Side effects of drinking too much. Get some vitamins (especially

      > vitamin B) for fatigue. Try not to drink so vast amount at one

      > good homemade is much purer and you can drink more of it without

      > getting totally pissed. Next day you'll be still drunk but since

      > don't have a hangover you will not realize it. It might also be

      > age, I get that lack of concentration for next day or two even

      > drinking wast amounts of commercial alcohol nowadays.


      > Greetz, Riku


      > --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Andrew" <atmoore@t...> wrote:

      > > About a year ago I built a still using this forum, tony's site

      > > some other reading material as referance. I felt I was being

      > > thorough in my research. I built a reflux still out of 2"

      > > pipe, I used silver solder for the joints, stainless steel pot

      > > scrubbers for packing, I made sure everything was spotless. My

      > > first and only product (other than trial runs with cheap wine),

      > > distilled from a "turbo yeast" kit. In other words I was

      > > about what I was making. The vodka I distilled measured 95%+

      > > had that "paint thinner" smell I've heard mentioned. Everything

      > I'd

      > > read said that the fusels will give an off taste but are not

      > > particularly dangerous (I also discarded the first 50ml and put

      > > next 200ml in a redistill jar). I mixed some of the vodka with

      > > essences, shared some with friends and lated got some active

      > > to clean up the product even more. The bottom line is that

      > > the "buzz" I got off of drinking the alcohol felt different than

      > I'm

      > > used to and after several months of drinking the stuff I've

      > > some concentration problems and an increase level of fatigue. I

      > > can't be certain what went wrong but I will say USE EXTREME

      > > if you chose to play with this hobby. I had been so excited

      > > building and working my still and now I wish I'd never seen one!



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