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1726RE: [Distillers] Diluting Spirts

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  • Ackland, Tony (CALNZAS)
    Feb 4, 2001
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      Yep, you're right - its that easy.

      If you want to know how much water to add to dilute your alcohol down, just
      multiply the amount of spirits you have by (strong/weak) - 1

      eg: if you want to dilute 2L of 75% alcohol down to 40%, you will need to
      add 2 x ((75/40)-1) = 1.75L of water

      If you want to know how much alcohol to use to make a known quantity,
      multiply the final amount by (weak/strong)

      eg: to make 1.125L of 40% alcohol using spirit at 75%, you will need to use
      1.125 x (40/75) = 0.6L of the 75% spirit, then top it up to 1.125L using

      There's calculators to do these for you at :

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