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1695RE: [Distillers] Re: Inverted sugar better than dextrose?

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  • Pete Sayers
    Jan 31, 2001
      This is from one of those non-impartial Retailers you wrote about. The Turbo
      yeasts are all made in the one factory in the UK, the only difference is the
      different importers.So dont expect too much variation.try to follow the
      manufacturers recommendations re the process, temp controls etc.There is a
      new Temperature Tolerant Yeast coming on to the market, but i havnt seen it
      yet. Personally i use the Fermtech Turbo Extra Yeast all the time now.
      regards Pete

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      > > Thanks for the reply. I don't think you've answered my question,
      > > though, unless I'm missing the point entirely.
      > yes you are.

      Fair enough :-)

      > If you are really serious about this hobby you must learn
      everything you can
      > about YEAST! If you are just trying to make cheap booze, which I
      don't think
      > you are, you'll fail.

      I started out trying (and succeeding, I might add) to make cheap
      booze, but as I've said in previous posts the process itself is
      taking over from the fun of consuming the finished product.

      I knew a fair bit about yeasts and their likes and dislikes from my
      days of brewing beer. I've tried to find impartial information about
      the various yeasts commercially available, but to no avail. I can
      find plenty of info from the guys who sell the stuff, but I don't
      class that as impartial.

      I've started a trial of as many different yeasts I can get my hands
      on, and am about half way through it. So far I've tried:

      Still Spirits Turbo
      Code 6 Hyper
      Alcotec Turbo (v3.0)
      Alcotec Turbo 8kg (v3.1)
      I've got Still Spirits Turbo Extra to go as soon as I have a
      fermentation bin spare.

      There were a couple of other yeasts at the various shops I go to (in
      Wellington and Hawkes Bay). Anyone got any other suggestions of ones
      I can try here in NZ?

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