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  • CornFed (Randy)
    Dec 1, 2003
      fatigue, concentration and memory problems are also a side effect of
      carbon monoxide poisoning. So are unexplained grouchiness and

      the effects of Carbon monixide poisoning is cumulative. A small
      regular dose adds up in the blood stream. The poison accumulates in
      the body organs and it takes a very long time for it to dissipate.
      That is why a steady dosing lets you accumulate more than you can get
      rid of. Do you have a gas stove or hot water heater or furnace in
      your house? Is the exhaust in your automobile intact? Even if you
      use public transportation, diesel fumes are high in carbon monoxide.

      as a memmber of a volunteer fire department, I was called to a
      person's house who's carbon monixide detector kept sounding off. We
      determined that the person had been starting the car in a enclosed
      and attached gaarge to warm it up. The cold weather season has just
      set in here and I have started my gas furnace. I am fortunate that
      the local natural gas utility offers free gas fired appliance

      A doctors visit with directions for them to specifically look for
      carbon monoxide in their list of possibilities will clear it up.


      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Andrew" <atmoore@t...> wrote:
      > About a year ago I built a still using this forum, tony's site and
      > some other reading material as referance. I felt I was being very
      > thorough in my research. I built a reflux still out of 2" copper
      > pipe, I used silver solder for the joints, stainless steel pot
      > scrubbers for packing, I made sure everything was spotless. My
      > first and only product (other than trial runs with cheap wine), was
      > distilled from a "turbo yeast" kit. In other words I was careful
      > about what I was making. The vodka I distilled measured 95%+ but
      > had that "paint thinner" smell I've heard mentioned. Everything
      > read said that the fusels will give an off taste but are not
      > particularly dangerous (I also discarded the first 50ml and put the
      > next 200ml in a redistill jar). I mixed some of the vodka with
      > essences, shared some with friends and lated got some active carbon
      > to clean up the product even more. The bottom line is that
      > the "buzz" I got off of drinking the alcohol felt different than
      > used to and after several months of drinking the stuff I've noticed
      > some concentration problems and an increase level of fatigue. I
      > can't be certain what went wrong but I will say USE EXTREME CAUTION
      > if you chose to play with this hobby. I had been so excited about
      > building and working my still and now I wish I'd never seen one!
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