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16631Re: [Distillers] not so safe

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  • Steve
    Dec 1, 2003
      Both Brewing and Distilling are like a Computer.. Garbage in = garbage out.

      You stated you reused 200 ml , and discarded 50mil, but did not state if
      you cleaned your still after you built it, NOR did you state how large a
      wash 50 mil out of 50 liters is too little but 50 mil out of 10 liters is
      fine... , Nor did you state what you had fermented.

      If you can fill us in on the details, then maybe we can help fix your
      dilemma. The smell you mentioned were Fusels that should have been
      discarded. a clean product should have no smell.

      You seem very turned off to distilling at present, and I am sorry for that,
      but you are still posting here so I assume you are still considering
      something. So please give us details and maybe some of us can help


      From: "Andrew" <atmoore@...>
      Subject: not so safe

      About a year ago I built a still using this forum, tony's site and
      some other reading material as referance. I felt I was being very
      thorough in my research. I built a reflux still out of 2" copper
      pipe, I used silver solder for the joints, stainless steel pot
      scrubbers for packing, I made sure everything was spotless. My
      first and only product (other than trial runs with cheap wine), was
      distilled from a "turbo yeast" kit. In other words I was careful
      about what I was making. The vodka I distilled measured 95%+ but
      had that "paint thinner" smell I've heard mentioned. Everything I'd
      read said that the fusels will give an off taste but are not
      particularly dangerous (I also discarded the first 50ml and put the
      next 200ml in a redistill jar). I mixed some of the vodka with
      essences, shared some with friends and lated got some active carbon
      to clean up the product even more. The bottom line is that
      the "buzz" I got off of drinking the alcohol felt different than I'm
      used to and after several months of drinking the stuff I've noticed
      some concentration problems and an increase level of fatigue. I
      can't be certain what went wrong but I will say USE EXTREME CAUTION
      if you chose to play with this hobby. I had been so excited about
      building and working my still and now I wish I'd never seen one!


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