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  • Robert Elliott
    Nov 2, 2003
      Hi Harry,

      Like you I have a twisted sense of humour being an Ozzie as well - you know
      Middlemount?? Checked out G-G-G's Rum recipe and yep, it certainly looks
      like it's from that era. Did he ever spend time in gaol for selling the

      I will certainly give it a go, but I will have to scale down the size of it.
      Only thing I won't be able to do is to ferment in a cask. I guess that if I
      add oak shavings to my plastic fermenter it will give the same result?? Have
      you down this one, and what was the outcome?


      PS Slainte ! ?? PLS explain.

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      > Hi Leigh,
      > Have you made rum using just brown sugar and how did it turn
      out ?? Fill me
      > in on your "trade secrets".
      > Cheers,
      > Bob.

      Ok Bob. You wanna make rum from brown sugar & molasses????
      Go to my brand new site & download my Great-great grandaddy's rum

      Don't be put off by the domain name. It's mine, & just my Aussie
      twisted sense of humour showing through again. ;^)

      regards Harry

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