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  • Robert Elliott
    Nov 1, 2003
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      Wow ! Thanks a million for that.



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      Hi Bob,
      No, not me mate. I'm more a bourbon drinker. But have read of a few people
      who have done it.
      I did make a rummie tasting beer without nutrients called Simha once (I
      think it's Finnish) out of brown sugar but I digress.
      I stole this in it's entirety (hope Tony doesn't mind) from
      www.homedistiller.org but I'm not sure which Mike's recipe it is.
      All credit belongs to others. Look under "Preparing the wash/sugar

      The recipe according to me for CAPTAIN MORGAN SPICED RUM is (starting
      6 kg brown sugar ,
      100 gm (extremely good) yeast nutrient
      2 packages (5gm per each) Lalvin-EC-1118 yeast. Make sure you bring the
      yeast up to a good foam (1/2 hr @ 80 F (26C) in 150 ml of the wash).
      Add yeast to wert and add heat band to keep fermentation to 74 degrees F
      (23C) untill it reaches 0.998 specific gravity.
      After that...you must filter the must through a wine filter(# 3 VINAMAT )
      filter pad to get rid of as much yeast as possible before distilling.
      Distill as per Tony's rules and collect in a big enough container to allow
      the cut down with distilled water (as per Tony's calculators on his
      website). Make sure the alcohol is 53%.
      Add 1 Tbsp toasted (white American Oak chips) take that any way you
      like....HA HA HA....,
      1 tsp ground cinnamon,
      1 tsp ground ginger,
      2-dried cloves.
      You may add as much caramelized white sugar as you would like to deepen the
      colour of the spiced rum
      Let this soak for 1-2 weeks (or per taste or smell)
      you mus t put the spiced rum through a coffee filter before you drink it
      unless you like alot of stuff going down your throat that does not belong
      The way I distill is I use 60 oz. bottles for the distillate. After the
      first one is full I take a hydrometer reading. Same with the second and the
      third and so on. I finish when the coloumn temp reaches 90 degrees C temp.
      Then I take 2 minutes of tails for flavour and then I shut it down. Too much
      more will give you brackish yuck flavour!! After the run is finished I
      combine all the 60 oz. bottles and take a final gravity reading.Usually
      around 85-92%. This is then split in half with distilled water (unless
      making spiced rum which has to stay at 53% to get the vanillins out of the
      oak chips). The spiced rum can be dilluted down to 40% but it is quite good
      at 53%. By the way...I use brass scrubbers in the still because the don't
      impart flavour like stainless ones do.
      and then have a PARTY!!!!!!!


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