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  • Harry
    Nov 1, 2003
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, Robert Elliott <r_selliott@b...>
      > Hi Group,
      > Can anyone tell me about Treacle (I believe that this name
      originated in
      > England??). What I have been led to believe is that it is the next
      stage up
      > the process ladder from molasses. Is this true? Can it be used
      > for fermenting to do a rum run. If it is the next part of the
      process from
      > molasses, then wouldn't it contain less "unfermentable" solids (or
      in fact
      > would it contain more)? Any ideas on fermenting treacle would be
      > Cheers,
      > Bob.

      Hi Bob,
      I've used treacle to make rum. It works. It works better the
      second time when you've got dunder left over from the previous run
      to add to the wort.
      It's also very expensive. The last time I bought a tin 850gm (for
      home use) last week it cost me AUD $2.75 at Woolies in Cairns N.Q.
      It you allow that treacle & molasses only have about 50% fermentable
      sugars, that's $2.75 for 425gm. Compare that to raw sugar at $1.00
      per kg. or feedstore molasses at $30 - $40 for 200lt drum and you
      can see what I mean.

      regards Harry
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