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  • Robert Elliott
    Nov 1, 2003
      Thanks for that Austin. I take in that you aren't in Australia as I know I
      can source both molasses and treacle here. I believe that there is a
      difference, although I have tasted both and cannot tell the difference.
      Basically molasses is sold in Australia as cattle feed and treacle is
      available off the supermarket shelf for use as either a sandwich spread, for
      adding to milk as a warm drink and also in cooking (cakes and deserts). I
      have been able to also get molasses for human consumption at a health food
      shop, where it is know as "blackstrap molasses".

      Any other comments from members?



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      According to Webster's, treacle IS molasses (apparently that use of the term
      is strictly British, since the accepted definition of treacle is an antidote
      for a poisonous bite).

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