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150Re: new news group in england and other bits +pieces

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  • BJ & FM Poke
    Dec 31, 1999
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      From: BJ & FM Poke <bjfm@...>
      To: <Distillers@onelist.com
      Sent: Friday, 31 December 1999 19:23
      Subject: new news group in england and other bits +pieces

      > navigate to www.deja.com then type into their search engine free uk
      > distilling,it's new very quiet,but will grow,to send a message just
      > subscribe then
      > log in===
      > des=to save yourself a lot of work can you put your n.g. on autogen or
      > onelist be in it???? all other groups/guestbooks are that way and with one
      > hilarious exception on tony acklands site,and it was frightfully
      > never seen any breeches of etiquette
      > your yeast nutrient if it's any good should contain at least all/most of
      > following and/or similar==diammonium phosphate=magnesium
      > sulphate=yeast[usually deceased,but imparts vits/mins]=folic
      > acid=niacin=calcium pantothenate=thiamine hydrochloride
      > one could nearly put some milk on that and eat it ,you certainly wouldn't
      > ever get boils,goiter and what a hell of a cure for a hangover==many
      > =brian