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  • Murphy-Marsh, Leigh
    Sep 30, 2003
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      I agree. How tight is your packing or rachik ring size? Too tight can cause flooding and too small a column diameter does the same thing. Does your boiler have power/temp adjustment or just on/off? If it does adjust then just ramp it up a bit at a time after its initial boil. Don't think I could do without a temp controller now I've used one.

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      Sounds like a very bad case of flooding the column. Try reducing the
      heat input to your boiler. What diameter is your column? 1500 watts
      should work fine on a 2 inch diameter column with scrubbers. I don't
      know how the rachig rings will do.

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      > I recently built the world class valved reflux still with Raschig
      > Rings for packing and a 10 gal. milk can with a 1500 watt heating
      > element. I made two additions to the design. I added a 1/2" finger
      > condenser that extended down through the condenser coil to just above
      > the needle valve and added a 12" high by 1-1/2" condenser above the 3-
      > 1/2" condenser chamber. The still captures almost all the distilate.
      > The problem occures about 45 min. after I start getting product. What
      > happends is the condenser chamber completely fills up and overflows
      > instead of refluxing, it fills above the 1-1/2" cross over pipe that
      > connects the column to the condenser. At first I thought ther was a
      > foaming problem and the wash was working it's way up the column but I
      > tested it with only a couple of gallons of water and some stuff I
      > wanted to improve. The same thing happened, the condenser overflowed.
      > The stuff I get is about 80%. I changed the Rachig Rings to pot
      > scrubbers to see if that will solve the problem, but haven't had a
      > chance to try it yet.Any one had a similar problem?

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