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14733My First Still

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  • maxime belair
    Sep 28, 2003
      Hi all,

      My first still is almost done.

      I need to solder the brass part to the column for
      strenght. I will also shorten the outlet copper tube,
      it's finally not a clear vinyl tube because some
      people told me it gives a little taste, some told it
      worked well, I prefer to dont take any chances, a
      least not for my first batch. And I will also shorten
      the column because more than 1m isn't useful. If I am
      wrong please tell me.

      I havn't tryed it and washed it yet but I will soon.
      I'll probably send details and new photos.
      But for the moment you will find photos of it in the
      folder "Photos/Max's Still/" on distiller's group.

      It is based on the design (EL) Eliptical In-Line from

      You will find details there:

      Many thanks to everybody in the group,
      Enjoy the photos!

      Max B.

      Lèche-vitrine ou lèche-écran ?
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