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14022Double Element control

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  • Shane Kirkman
    Sep 1, 2003
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      How,s this for controlling a double element still, that has plugin sockets
      or cords, 240v. Say a 1.5k & a 1.7k for example.
      1: For heat up and fast stripping runs, have both elements plugged in and
      on(separate wall supplies).3.2k
      2: For stripping or high heat runs, have one of the elements turned on. 1.5k
      or 1.7k.
      3:For low heat runs 797w, have a double socket and power cord, rewired to
      serial instead of parallel. Example: Take a duel wall socket, wire some
      3core flex in series instead of parallel, standard wall plug other end. Plug
      in both elements-plug in wall plug = 797. Yes? No?
      Wall socket housed in a safe box of course. Or if you can find the right
      duel socket/cord just a matter of rewirering it.

      Only learning electronics so don't be too hard on me if I am wrong
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