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1374Re: [Distillers] Digest Number 331

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  • Bruno M.
    Dec 3, 2000
      Ãbout airstones,
      if they are really "stone" or at least some ceramic stuff,
      it is IMPOSSIBLE to disolve them in alcohol.
      Maybe you got such a synthetic ( plastic ) one, than there is no garantie.
      If you got a good stone you will work a lot faster than without stone,
      as the purpus is to evaporate a very volentile substance OR
      to oxidise another one.
      I also fill in by the other reaction, that one week aeration can easely
      blow out
      a lot of alcohol and lieve a liquid with more water and less alcohol.
      If you like to lose a sharp taste, what about some activated carbon,
      to filter the stuff over ?

      Bruno M.
      At 09:29 01/12/2000, you wrote:
      >Message: 2
      > Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 23:38:34 -0000
      > From: maurice161gbr@...
      >Subject: aeration works
      >i got myself an aquarium air pump,and have been pumping air through a
      >gallon of spirit for a week and a half now and it really works. the
      >spirit has lost its fiery taste and smell and seems to be maturing
      >but beware ..i put an aquarium airstone on the line and the spirit
      >dissolved it so i just put the pipe into the spirit on its own ..also
      >i have been turning the air on and off.......the spirit was run out
      >of a pot still twice..maurice
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