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  • waljaco
    Jun 26, 2003
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      The Dalmatian Maraska (Marasca) sour cherry (& kernels) is used to
      make Maraschino.
      For background information see:
      Vishnia Maraska
      It states -
      "Maraschino Liqueur is a product of cherries that are pounded, the
      pits are crushed, honey is added, and the mixture is left to ferment
      before being distilled....Prior to bottling, the mixture is sweetened
      with sugar, resulting in a clear liqueur that is 60 to 78% proof."

      Luxardo,the Italian manufacturer gives the following process (from
      msg 3959) -
      1) Special machines separate the pits from the fruit.
      2) The fruit is pressed into juice and cherry pomace. The juice is
      used to make a colored Cherry Brandy.
      3) The pomace is placed in enormous larch vats and left to macerate
      for months in alcohol flavored previously with the crushed cherry
      4) The infusion is double distilled in a pot still.
      5) It is aged in Finnish ash vats for several years.
      6) Sugar syrup is added.
      7) Aged for several months in ashwood vats.
      8) Bottled in straw-plaited bottles.

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