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1253RE: [Distillers] Ventillation

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  • Robert Mitchell
    Oct 30, 2000
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      Thanks, Pete. The garage is the location I've finally come to as well. Take both cars out first of course. ten foot ceilings and about 900 square feet in area. Lots of space for any ethanol vapours to disipate.I plan to leave the windows open and put a fan between the burner and the condensor to blow any vapours way from the burner plus help suck in the outside air. Would I be correct in assuming that ethanol vapour rises?  This is a pot still with a doubler provided that i ever get it all finished.



        Pete Sayers <brubarn@...> wrote:

      Hi Rob Pete from Brewers barn here, i would be very careful about using propane inside whilst distilling. All that alcohol vapour just might go bang. I have a friend who used a gas burner(LPG), but always used it at the door of his garage.

      regards Pete

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      I've got a new burner.It runs on propane. Maximum heat output is supposed to be 60,000 btu. You are supposed to run it outside , avccording to the info. I want to use it to run a 10 gal boiler.

      Here's the question. Many homes have gas powered stoves. We do and we often run all 4 burners at once. We don't have any special ventillation. So can I safely run the propane burner inside?


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