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12063Re: [Distillers] Law

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  • Dick
    Jun 2, 2003
      In message <013701c328cc$3f79eb60$49d1adcb@CDL207106>, Mike Nixon
      <mike@...> writes
      >Aaron Pelly wrote:
      >Subject: RE: [Distillers] Law
      >I found the exemption for home distilling here
      >It says:
      >There is an exemption from the manufacturing area licensing requirement
      >for any area you use within your private house to manufacture the
      >tobacco grown on your own land, manufactured exclusively for your own
      >personal use
      >beer, wine and spirits manufactured exclusively for personal use.
      >What I couldn't find was a definition for "personal use"
      Alcohol, tobacco ............. hmmmm - anything about including ladies
      of negotiable affection as well ?????
      Fra' Auld Reekie
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