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12054Re: Law & tobacco

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  • waljaco
    Jun 2, 2003
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      According to a newspaper report (I will try to find it), the source
      is legal growers bypassing the regular route. It is sold apparently
      in pubs (taverns), usually in cut moist form as it weighs more. The
      article suggests that the increase in serious cancers is due to using
      the stuff - this line seems to be similar to the methanol danger in
      moonshine articles.
      Cossacks used to drink a tobacco flavored vodka - what a herbal
      (I don't smoke)

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Aaron Pelly" <apelly@m...> wrote:
      > ok, and now another sojourn off topic:
      > i have heard of chop chop wal... maybe from my mother some years
      ago... but
      > while i lived there i never encountered it. have you?
      > i am wondering what form it takes... counterfeit cigarettes? dried,
      > whole leaf?
      > is it imported? grown locally?
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      > > In Australia,illegal tobacco (chop chop) is worth $AUD45 million a
      > > year! More profitable than illegal grappa no doubt.
      > > Wal
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