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1148RE: [Distillers] Brand newbie

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  • Pete Sayers
    Oct 1, 2000
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      Hi all Pete from Brewers Barn here. Yes Tony you are right when you say to
      use the Hydrometer to check the wash. It is the difinitive way to check that
      the yeast has done it's job completely. Some times something can go wrong in
      the ferment stage. If the residual sugar level is too high you can encounter
      problems like the sugar will burn in the still when it touches the elements,
      and discolour the spirit, and add unwanted tastes, etc.
      Regards Pete

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      To really know, you need to measure the specific gravity (density) of the
      wash using a hydrometer. If its below 0.990 - 0.980 then you should be

      Other than that is really just a matter of eye-balling it. If it had
      started out quite vigorous, and is now only just quietly letting a bubble
      or so up through the airlock, then you'd be happy to run it now. If
      however it was really slow to start with, and has been slow right
      throughout, then you may just want to leave it a little longer. It will be
      quite happy sitting there for a while longer in the fermenter.

      Just to clarfiy the quantities used ... was that 5 lb mass in 5 US gallons
      ? (eg 2.3 kg sugar in 19 L water) ? If so, you might not have had enough
      sugar in there to start with. You want to be closer to 5 kg in 20 L (11 lb
      mass in 5.3 US gallons) - ie 0.25 kg/L.. As it stands, you're looking to
      make only about 5-6% alcohol in the wash - whereas you're really after
      about 12%. If this is the case, you might be able to add the remaining
      sugar now - just dissolve it in some warm water first.


      Hi all, this is my first attempt at this, I used the recipe at
      Bourbon Street calling for 5 # of suger, 60 grams of nutrients and 30
      grams of champayne yeast in 5 gallons of water. This has been sitting
      in my hot water closet for 9 days now and is still working a little
      bit, the temp has been kept at 25 cels the whole time. My question is
      should I leave it till it stops working completly, they said on the
      recipe that it should only take 3 to 5 days. thanks for your help
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