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11384Any one used these Mini oak barrels?

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  • c2h5oh_x
    May 3, 2003
      I found this on eBay and I was wondering if anyone here has ever
      tryed anything like them before.


      It's a 5L barrel. Made in Mexico out of "white oak" It seems that
      this would woork for making American style wiskey.

      I finally had a chance to share some of my product with friends. It
      was my first run which has been sitting on carbon for 2-3 months. I
      put just a dash of glycerin in it for mouthfeel. They loved it! I got
      very good reviews. We had to practically cut one guy off. He kept
      coming back for seconds, thirds, I lost count then. He had his
      choice of all kinds of premium commercial stuff and he kept heading
      streight for my stuff. Others had seconds as well. I was very

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