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  • CornFed (Randy)
    May 1, 2003
      all that would need to be done is take a piece of stainless
      steel 'all thread', nuts and washers. A washer and nut on each side
      of the plate for spacing. The Plate could be a piece of flat copper
      or a perforated drain hair stopper found on bathroom sinks. Drill a
      hole in the center of each plate the size of the rod.

      once the assembly is put together, you just would have to pull the
      whole thing out of the top as a unit for cleaning and inspection. The
      bottom plate would rest against either the reducer, or a bolt or
      rivet installed on the bottom of the column.

      To unsure that all of the plates will fit down the hole before
      assembly on the all thread rod, simply bolt all them together
      touching, mark the diameter for the inside of your column, make your
      cut and then do whatever custom grinding is necessary to fine tune
      the fit.

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, Brandon Lee <blueflame456@y...>
      > this is directed towards the group as a whole-- the plate issue--
      if someone in the group could send me a sketch of how the plate is
      designed (which i think i have an idea) but not quite sure of the
      exact details-- i think i could come up with a way that would be
      easily done by all who would want to try this---- thanksyour brother
      in the spiritsBlueflame456
      > "Ackland, Tony (CALNZAS)" <Tony.Ackland@c...> wrote:> instead of
      scrubbers- i cut small copper disk with with 13 quater inch holes
      each spaced approx 7.25 " apart with 7 used total-- to my supsrise
      the first batch came out at about 92%
      > Brandon - please do tell more...how did the column run ?
      > Any surging problems, or smoother than normal ?
      > Anything different happen vs using scrubbers ?
      > How did you make the plates - were they cut to be an exact fit to
      the column walls, or a bit rough around the sides ?
      > Where did you find the plate to make them from ?
      > How did you space them apart ?
      > Where the holes in any particular pattern, or just random.
      > What would you do differently next time ?
      > Any chance of a photo ?
      > Tony
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