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112reply to peter in australia

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  • bj-fm@hotnet.net.au
    Dec 5, 1999
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      i live near australia peter,in tasmania and as our two countries are not currently at war i can answer your questions, don't use aquarium products,no ! no! no!===== for real info on other question go to www.geocities.com/kiwi_distiller and www.webconx.com/ethanol.htm
      if you have a reflux still why are you thinking of using malted barley instead of sugar,??????????? struth!!! malted barley is dearer than sugar,you have to grist it ,mash it,separate the wort and then when you distill it in a reflux
      still you will neutralise the taste,throw some sugar and nutrient in cobber!,
      many many regards brian