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  • Mel
    Dec 3, 1999

      I'm still working on my still, today I picked up a beer keg at a local metal
      dealer, empty unfortunately, it does show a warning about contents under
      pressure, anybody know how much pressure before I tap into it?

      I took a trip to Ireland last year, if you ever get the chance to go there,
      don't turn it down, fantastic place, fantastic people, any way this keg is a
      Guinness beer keg, which I thought was pretty neet, having drank at least a
      keg of the stuff while visting the Emerald Isle. and also for the fact that
      there is just not that many Pubs here in rural Ontario, just finding a beer
      keg is pretty hard let alone one that reminds me of a place I really enjoyed
      and plan to return too. It will make a good boiler,,,, won't it?

      I would like to polish it up real shiny, any suggestions?

      I may never get a still built, I am always changing my plans with every new
      item I collect, I am having fun though.

      Catch ya later