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1038RE: [Distillers] Aerating wash & sherry

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  • Pete Sayers
    Sep 3, 2000
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      Sorry Tony you are right, i should have explained that a bit more

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      >The aeration of the wash is a good idea, so long as it does not cool the
      >wash too much, the reason this works is that during fermentation, the
      >needs oxygen to assist in the conversion of the sugars, and it uses alot
      >regards Pete at Brewers Barn


      I thought that there were two phases for yeast - one with oxygen, and one
      without. That if given oxygen, the yeast would only multiply (good for at
      the start of the fermentation, when you need to increase their numbers),
      but that during doing so, they didn't produce any/much alcohol. That it
      wasn't until after the oxygen ran out, that they turn to making the
      alcohol. Thats why most of the instructions say to stir the water etc
      vigorously when preparing it (get some air into it), but then you want to
      seal off the fermentor with an airlock once it has started, so that the CO2
      gets out, but no further air (or bugs) gets in.

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