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Harry's Continuous Still Campaign

Hi fellow distillers, I have an exciting new project on the go that will be of great benefit the home / hobby distilling community. For more about it, see my
Sep 28

Re: World Class Distiller

Tony, The best pictures are on our web page www.minibrew.com. You will also find dimensions there also. John On Sunday, September 27, 2015, 'Anthony Athawes'
John Thomas
Sep 27

Re: World Class Distiller

Home distillers website is a great place to brush up again on the subject, and they have lots of photos. Robert http://homedistiller.org/intro
Sep 27

World Class Distiller

I have been out of this for some time.. Have you any pictures or dimensions of this as I want to let a friend have them please. Tony
Anthony Athawes
Sep 27

Re: [new_distillers] Legalization of Hobby Distilling

Right on Tim! Thank you! Sent from my iPhone
Stephen Jarman
Sep 20

Legalization of Hobby Distilling

 Hello,More than 2 yeas ago I got interested in promoting the cause of legalizing Hobby distilling.  I sent numerous posts to this and other forums
Alli Bugger
Sep 20

Re: Important DropBox Message

I am sorry, but never click on this type of file format because they might contain virus or malware. Robert From: "Louis Lenz loulenz2002@...
Aug 3

Important DropBox Message

... Click here to view files. | ...   |  © 2015 Dropbox ... Louis Lenz used Dropbox to share some files with you! Click here to view files . Dropbox makes
Louis Lenz
Aug 3

Why absinthe still has power, even after its myths have been debunke

Walter Jacobson
Jul 22

The Franco-Swiss Absinthe Trail: A tour of the region where the pote

Walter Jacobson
Jul 21

Re: One woman's quest for healthy beer gets boost from lab that birt

Zymurgy Bob, I am a tea drinker who dabbles in grain wine.  For me, grain wines are a great way to test different formula profiles without having to worry
Jul 3

Re: One woman's quest for healthy beer gets boost from lab that birt

And that's the gospel truth! It's funny, though. I just modified the grain bill of my favorite, and most often made, beer, a strong Scotch ale, to reduce the
Robert Hubble
Jul 3

Re: One woman's quest for healthy beer gets boost from lab that birt

You need some hops or you better drink it fast and keep it cold in storage. Are you planning to use champagne yeast to get the super high alcohol content? On
Nick Andrews
Jul 3

Re: One woman's quest for healthy beer gets boost from lab that birt

All beer is healthy. Four ingredients, all natural. It's liquid granola! On Jul 3, 2015 9:43 AM, "Walter Jacobson waljaco@... [Distillers]"
Nick Andrews
Jul 3

Looking for a distiller in greater Wellington NZ for filming in an I

Hi there distillers, We are looking for an enthusiastic home distiller in Wellington NZ who has a still in their urban abode and who would be open to
Jul 3
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