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Re: Supernova M82 Observation Re: Ray's observation with his 12.5 in: What eyepiece or magnification did you have? The first time I observed this SN, I could barely see a glint, due to
James Hammond
Jan 28
Supernova M82 Observation I set up my trusty 12.5" Discovery dob and observed Supernova M82 just before midnight on Saturday night. The clouds cleared for long enough as I could see it
Jan 27
Re: Our new 17.5" TD How did your experience with this scope go? What is it like on planets and DSO's? Does it hold collimation well? Thanks, I ... It made it!! And it's fine!! I
Nov 27, 2013
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Re: Hello Hello Michael...it's been a while since I've visited this site. Even though there hasn't been much activity for some time there IS a huge amount of great
Apr 28, 2013
Universe To Scale http://htwins.net/scale2/ use left and right arrows
frank s
Apr 15, 2013
Hello Hi everyone, I am waiting for the arrival of my new 12.5 split tube from Bill and thought I would benefit from your experience. I live in Michigan and any
Michael Dunnigan
Jan 22, 2013
Re: Thinking About Getting A Discovery DOB I purchased a 14 inch, {one of the last}, tube type scope about 12 years ago. The scope came in completely destroyed box, which I thought would have ruined the
Gary Shannon
Nov 21, 2012
Re: Thinking About Getting A Discovery DOB Hi Jim, I am not up to speed with the current Discovery Dob's but have owned a 17" truss dob from Discovery for many years. The optics seems to very good maybe
Jack Barnes
Nov 20, 2012
Re: Thinking About Getting A Discovery DOB Hi Jim I have the 12.5 and the 17.5. I think maybe I can help you. The 12.5 is fairly heavy so be a bit careful there. Now my 12.5 was the old solid tube that
Mark Ost
Nov 20, 2012
Thinking About Getting A Discovery DOB Due to back problems I am selling my 18" Obsession. For now I am considering the Discovery 12.5 F/5 Truss DOB. But I have been told that the order time is
Nov 20, 2012
(no subject) hi. [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
enrique martinez
Oct 11, 2012
Re: New Telescope My 10" f/5.6 was built by Discovery about 15 years ago. (It is an Orion PDSE.) I purchased it over three years ago, it is the best of over 20 scopes on
Sep 27, 2012
Re: New Telescope I bought one three or four years ago as my first, and so far only, scope. I'm glad I went with the aperture. It's been a great learning experience but I can't
Sep 26, 2012
New Telescope Hello, Wecome everyone. I am new to this group and kind of new to observing. I have observed from many telescopes of all kinds. I started off with an APO 80MM
Dude Johnson
Sep 24, 2012
(no subject) http://skor.ba/yrbnonh.php?rang=414You can work today comfortabIe from your home______________It is certainly not so made because it is anecessary shape which
Aug 8, 2012
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hey wow this is amazing look into this http://www.onenews15.net/biz/?page=9466840
Peter Rosenholm
May 9, 2012
Re: 10" PDHQ and Needing DSC Feedback John: I have a 16-inch split-tube Discovery. I bought a Sky Commander and 10,000-step encoders from Astro Systems (http://www.astrosystems.biz/dsc.htm) several
William Harwood
Mar 20, 2012
10" PDHQ and Needing DSC Feedback I recently acquired a 10" PDHQ to which I am considering adding digital setting circles. I already have a SkyCommander unit hooked up to a DM-4 Discmount that
Mar 19, 2012
Re: Happy Holidays! Love & Joy to you & your Family! Don- the images/info in the first link seems very easy to follow. Now, if my eyes can see to do that fine tuning. I will try to take out tonight if it is
Penny Otte
Dec 26, 2011
Re: Happy Holidays! Love & Joy to you & your Family! Penny, I've never had much success with a laser used on a SCT. Much easier with artificial star to get close enough collimation until you can use Polaris for
Don D'Egidio
Dec 26, 2011
Re: Happy Holidays! Love & Joy to you & your Family! Hi Don- long story but basically when we first got the scope, the secondary was spinning freely. We called Celestron and finally they admitted that did not
Penny Otte
Dec 26, 2011
Re: Happy Holidays! Love & Joy to you & your Family! Penny, What do you want to know? Sometimes it's harder describing what to do than actually doing it. I'm going to post a few links for you.
Don D'Egidio
Dec 25, 2011
Re: Happy Holidays! Love & Joy to you & your Family! Hi Penny, I am not personally familiar with collimating an SCT. Some members of our club, SJAC, know more about that if no one in this group has advice. Peace
Dec 24, 2011
Re: Happy Holidays! Love & Joy to you & your Family! Thanks same to u! HAve a question we bought a new sct Celestron a few months agi webneed help collimating!
Penny Otte
Dec 24, 2011
Happy Holidays! Love & Joy to you & your Family! Happy Holidays! Love & joy to you & your family! Best Wishes for the New Year! Comet LoveJoy & the Milky Way as seen on Christmas Eve from Australia!
Dec 24, 2011
a very beautiful solar system model (orrery)--picture added it's very beautiful.see the picture: Avaiable in ebay store:
Jonathan Kendrick
Dec 13, 2011
Re: Binoviewer Hello Chris, what are you asking for the viewers thanks bruce
Nov 29, 2011
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Binoviewer Hi all, I have a Denkmeier 2 binoviewer with 3 way power switch and 2" OCS that has complimented my 17.5 PDHQ for quite a while. I'm going to sell the
Nov 28, 2011
Re: StarLog OR - 9/28/11 - Back in the Saddle Again Great report Tom! I definitely remember your reports back then. Thanks for sharing. As soon as the clouds part I'm planning to take my Discovery 12.5" split
Oct 2, 2011
Re: StarLog OR - 9/28/11 - Back in the Saddle Again Thanks for the great report. Reminds me of the old days when we all posted great observing reports. Now that the mosquitoes are calming down, I should be able
Sep 29, 2011
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