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Relay Relay Relay Tilleter and Kon-tau-ra 9/14/08

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  • the dave
    We are on the Twin Star. We have been in your skies for a very long time indeed! I am what you term, a Communications Officer. I have been tasked with a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2008

      We are on the Twin Star.  We have been in your skies for a very long time indeed!  I am what you term, a Communications Officer.  I have been tasked with a message to your world. 
      No doubt many of you have heard about the October 14 date as a possible de-cloaking of a Mothership and many smaller craft flooding your skies with proof that we are Here for Humanity, that we are Real, and that we are here to help you and have been doing just that for many years.  
      As you know, it is impossible for the manipulation and controls put upon Humanity for Millennia to continue as Earth Ascends into the Higher Realms.  We now have the "go ahead" to do what must be done for Earth and Humanity's sake to end the Dark Dream that has paralyzed the people through Fear on Every level of your Precious Beings!
      Many still slumber in this Illusion and it is for them that we are appearing in this Dramatic way.  Be ready to assist where you are needed!   This is a Call To Action!   Be Clear in Every Aspect of your Beings in order to assist those around you who have not had your awareness and  exposure  to your Star Brothers and Sisters. 
      We, who have waited for this decision are as happy and excited as you are that this long-held Dream is coming to fruition!   Clean out the cupboards of your minds, emotions, bodies, and souls because it is TIME TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEW! 
      I am Tilleter of the Twin Star and
      I am Kon-tau-ra on temporary duty from the Blue Star. 
      Telepathic Communication           September 14, 2008      10:50 pm

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