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RE: Art/Act: Good Thx/Mour ni ng, World AIDS, Int‘n‘l W omen‘s Days to All, cre a te for All, write on :)

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  • jamesmnordlund
    Advocacy for a real budget, instead, and correct copy of hacked poem below: Art/Act: Good Thx/Mourning, World AIDS, Int‘n‘l Women‘s Days to All, create
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      Advocacy for a real budget, instead, and correct copy of hacked poem below:

      Art/Act: Good Thx/Mourning, World AIDS, Int‘n‘l Women‘s Days to All, create for All, write on :)
      These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:

      Art/Act: Good Thx/Mourning, World AIDS, Int‘n’l Womens Days to All, create for All, write on:


      This petition on change . Art: Act:


      Some twigs of related poetree :)


      “Ebony, Ivory”, Stealing Elderly White Women’s Social Security Checks, “In Perfect Harmony”


      Obama signaled last week that the ‘fix’ is back in, it’s the 90’s again, the real left And evolution have been destroyed to mitigated to the point where they can‘t Stop the duopoly, white and African-American supremacies, republican Conspiracy, the S.S. Tea Party, rems, and dinos from warring on the middle-Class to poor as they want, with his supposed “fix of ACA”, which actually made The healthscare industry bailout act less cost saving, more probable to fail, and Opened the door for the S.S. Tea Party to further “fix it“, to its end, in the future. Barack has called the Congress “do nothing” dozens of times, lying for the white Supremacy, for it’s only the rems who are extremely obstructing, like they did When they closed the Gov’t, costing taxpayers $ 35 billion, for nothing. Why Hasn‘t the “do nuthin’” dino-in-chief appointed the 93 Judges he can, what’s he Waiting for his term to be up so the rems get to appoint them instead of the Dems? As well, the supposed “bipartisan budget bill” supported by rems and Dinos alike is just the second act in the latest economic, political, etc., terrorizing The populace of the united suck of assassins into caving to the demands of the White supremacy’s war on the lower middle-class to poor’s increasing it’s Blitzkrieging speed, by threatening to close down the Gov’t again in 2 months, Costing taxpayers another $ 35 billion, for nothing! They cut SNAP by 5 billion, 3 Months ago, then cut it by another 39 billion a month ago, and that’s above and Beyond the original sequestration cuts to it, and now they want to cut it even More? Don’t allow the dems to cave to the rems terrorism of the lower-middle-Class to poor, tell Congress no on the fake compromise budget ‘deal’! 0 Tolerance for sexual harassment, violence in schools has long been attacked by The African-American supremacy, most recently by Tavis, etc., and just today CNN reported a case of a first-grader being suspended for kissing a girl on the Head, as he should have been, there’s a reason for rules, they’re necessary, as Is this one, especially, we can’t allow our kids to be continually raped, sexually

      Harassed under the supervision of those paid by our tax $. The Only reason it’s A national story is because the rems and dinos official news channel, Propagating ebony and ivory supremacies working together in perfect harmony To rape and pillage the Earth, CNN, is working to do away with the 0 tolerance Rule, so all the supremacies can get back to mass-raping more kids tomorrow Than they did today for the white supremacy, like in the 50’s through 90’s, before The evolution started reportage on their pedicide programs. This ebony and Ivory conspiracy is also propagated by CNN through their promotion of the Supposed Christian conspiracy’s voucherizing, charterizing, privatizing and Corporatizing the public education system, under the guise of the “kid First” Banner. By the by, it’s not “kid first” to do away with the 0 tolerance rule, it’s pedophile and criminal first, instead. They want to do away with the last 70 Years of educational evolution, backslide the nation’s education system to a pre-Plessey vs. Ferguson, education system, where there is separate and unequal Education. That segregationist and classist crime movement is being paid for by Your tax $, whites have their supposed christian voucher schools, and Corporatized prep schools and African-Americans have their supposed christian And corporatized charter schools, all getting your tax $ as well as special funds

      And corporate $, making them almost doubly funded and staffed, etc.. Creating A future populace of have gone to special supposed christian schools kids, and Those who have not. This and the removal of voting rights, etc., is the beginning Of the defacto-reconstituting of defacto-slavery in the united suck of assassins, During the first African-American President’s 2 terms. For, as the rounding-up of Predominantly lower-middle class to poor innocents, because the police don’t Have to bother to do their jobs, they just have to arrest people, dictates that the Injustice system is providing defacto-slaves who must work at .25 cents an hour For the corporate structure, as well as non-violent, self-medicating, alcohol and Drug users, so, too the separate and unequal education systems will in the Future. We see this in the dino-in-chief’s allowing the “inalienable right” of voting To be stripped from 25 % of the African-American population, so far, and the White supremacy plans to take the vote away from another 25 % of African-Americans and poor voters before his 2nd term is up, why is the supremacist-in-Chief allowing this, and not stopping it with an executive order codifying that “Inalienable right‘s” re-enfranchisement across the nation? Nearing this Anniversary of the “Sandy Hook” terrorist attack (Blacks continue to insist is just Another “shootin’”, for the white supremacy), so chosen in retaliation to my Informing the world that uber-storm “Sandy” was engineered by HAARP, weather Machines, etc., of the united suck of assassins Gov’t to decrease voter turnout in The dems stronghold, the Eastern Seaboard, have we comprehensive gun Control, no, why not? There’s no reason why we don’t have an executive order For Amnesty for immigrants, like Reagan did! Yet, Barack‘s real busy trying to Shove another Earth-murdering trade agreement down our throats, “we,…” said No to NAFTA, CAFTA, and all that will come afta, so, say no to “TPP“, now! The Dems new caving to the rems comes on the heels of the rems latest boast, “a Nuk attack is the next they’ll purposely not prevent”, like they purposely didn’t Prevent the attacks on 9-11-2001, we can‘t allow the dems to cave to the rems, Destroying Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, rich African-American and White Supremacists, “…ebony and ivory…”, mugging elderly Caucasian women (the Largest recipient demographic) for their Social Security checks, “…in perfect Harmony…”! Last week, supreme leaders, supposed Christian Al-queda, Pope Francis, supposed Christian Taliban, Obama, met to seal global plans for the Future re-increasing the speed of their blitzkrieg. I told you that Abu Ghraib was The signal to the world that the crusade was in it’s intelligence operation Gathering phase of their global blitzkrieg, everyone now knows its true, defend Yourselves before you can’t! Close the unnecessary NSA and NASA, that’ll Save trillions as well! By the by, if Pope Francis were as good a Christian as Everybody is projecting, he would have turned down the ‘TIME’ Magazine’s “Most Important Person Of The Year Award”, for the idolatry that has plagued the Roman Catholic Imperial Church , and its teachings, forever, is only worsened by The award. Now he’s a celebrity, things are probably only going to get worst, Remember Thoreau said, “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, So how can him being a popularity supreme leader also, help him be less of a Patriarchal supposed christian supremacist leader? Anyway, Snowden should Have won the award, i.m.h.o.. Why hasn’t the supposed anti-war movement Done anything About Barack‘s not “removing troops from Afghanistan by 2014”, As promised, now they’ll be there “indefinitely”? Saddam Barack Osama Hussein Obama Binladen, as the rems call him, is supreme leader of the most Supreme of supremacies, “The President’s Club”, as he calls it, and a leader of Twelve supremacies, the “twelve headed monster” of the apocalypse, in The Book Of Revelations, he has over two years left in his Presidency, demand he do Something besides blaming 5 to 10 clukkaz in the House for everything not Getting done! “Jackhammering infants for baby Jesus”, supposed Christian Al-Queda’s ‘mantra of the month’, to genocide his competition before his second Coming, is still a cornerstone of the nazification of all to dictate the extermination To extinction of humanity, large mammals, through unending war, Earth-murder, Their ‘final solution’. Stop the destroying of newborns testicles by delivery Nurses in Roman Catholic Imperial hospitals, the infanticide, the rems, psychic Terrorism, “sucking” to death infants in the crib, the pedicide, raping, etc., of Kids, teens, by the global supposed Christian conspiracy. Don’t let him just Organize his doin’ nuthin’, like most bureaucrats, demand real: immigration Reform with amnesty, at least gun magazine and automatic weapon control, National voting “inalienable” right re-enfranchisement, etc., now! Gandhi, “Be

      The change you want to see in the world”. Viva la evolution, viva green party!







      Thanx/Mourning Day

      Natives' compassion taught
      Pilgrims at Plymouth
      How to live within, give to,

      Natures' abundance.

      That providence sowed
      Reaped graces' harvest,
      Fraternity, bearing
      Fruits to this day.

      We gave Native-America

      Genocide, Earthocide.

      Chief Seattle said,

      No one can own the land.

      Bowing to Above and Below,
      For gifts bestowed,
      Giving, may we again,
      Walk that way!



      Advocacy to stop Dems caving to Rems fake “Budget compromise”, etc.:

      D.F.A.: The worst kind of "compromise":


      Against further cuts to food stamps:


      Americans for Tax Fairness: corporations to pay their fair share of taxes:



      Credo: Don't go on vacation without extending unemployment benefits:




      Universal Living Wage: Happening Now: War on the Poor:



      P.C.C.C.: Social Security expansion:


      Social Security Works:



      Bread for the World: Congress Must Pass a Responsible Budget:


      Preserve Funding for Hungry People:



      Bernie Sander’s Poll: What should budget look like?:



      F.C.N.L.: A Year Since Newtown: support of gun violence prevention:




      Any problem has a solution, being that solution is a choice, as we are, Freud's sub and unconscious, Jung's collective unconscious as well, whether we're more in touch with reality, more acute foci of attention, more our true, inner-selves, relates to how concentrated or diluted our solutioning with reality is; ergo, whether we're more or less directing, creating the changes that constantly happen in our lives- and, to the extent that we do, co-creating reality. Copy, share, as you will. Thanx for all you do :)

      james m nordlund, reality (aja) :)

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