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Re: Green Party, Jill Stein for Prez: Urgent: Midnight tonight, 10-17-12, 3:26 PM

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  • jamesmnordlund
    Hi. They hacked some of the urls, subjects, so, here are those, and an older twig of GOTV poetree :) Green Party, Jill Stein for Prez: Urgent: Midnight
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 25, 2012
      Hi. They hacked some of the urls, subjects, so, here are those, and an older twig of GOTV poetree :)

      Green Party, Jill Stein for Prez: Urgent: Midnight tonight, 10-17-12, 3:26 PM:


      Updates + Adds: PTV, GOTV + Vote early, Acts, each 1 reach 1...:


      PTV, GOTV + Vote early, Acts, each one reach one, please!:


      This petition on change . org: PTV, GOTV + Vote early: Acts:


      This petition on Care2 . com: Political and Cultural Inclusion:


      Twig of GOTV poetree :)

      King George and his Dick Cheney's High Treason

      Along with the elite of the remocrat conspiracy, the
      Purposeful non-prevention of the attacks on 9-11-2001,
      While being our "burning of the Reichstag", was also
      The increasing of the blitzkrieging speed of the
      Corporate structure's convolutions warring on the
      Middle-class to poor, life, art; their dictation of the
      Devolutionary direction of society being embraced by
      More and Moor as time goes by, the spearhead in
      Engineering of their final solution, the extermination
      To extinction of humanity and large mammals- atop
      The burning cross they circle jerk around, as those
      Klueless Klucking sucKlings, premeditatedly murder
      The evolution, real: left, religion, science, 8 billion.
      Only in their opinion, for the evolution, not being
      Faux, is forever; as you, being life, are indivisible,
      And illimitable in the realization of your potential.
      Since their reign on the `American way of life' ended,
      With voters defeating them in the `08 elections, their
      Blitzkrieg has brought continual assassinations, hot
      Fronts against women, elderly, youths, non-remocrat
      White heterosexual boys to men, civil liberties, peace,
      Union, the vote, kids, global one for disease with cuts
      In foreign aid, supposed Christian conditions on them,
      Attack on contraception, defense for disease, abortion,
      Etc.; also, after the pre to, and `10 elections dem/
      Rem conspiracy, the S.S. tea party tugboat dragged
      The U.S. ship of State into the rocks- only possible
      Since Glass-Steagle was removed in `91, in order to
      Dictate the gutting of the economy in `09, and 100
      Million people being defacto-murdered, not born, etc..
      By the dino's putting the con back in the convolution.

      Yes, dems, political puppets, the rem gov't working
      Their mouths, responsibility can't be underestimated,
      Nor, their role as the necessary lock, fix in the corps.
      Con of people; for, rems weren't satisfied with the
      Oligarchic plutocracy, where the chasm between the
      Haves, have nots grows steadily. Replicating criminally
      Insane sociologically programmed dualistic delusional
      Constructs based on anthropological archetypes like:
      Monarch/pheasant; rich/poor; winner/loser; user/used;
      Predator/prey; abuser/abused; elite/plebeian; master/
      Slave; academic/experience; user/used; machination/
      Natural ideation; professional/rube; la machine/human
      Being; scarcity/abundance; materialism/spirituality;
      Believer/lifelong student; artifice/reality; patriarchal,
      Imperial, hierarchic, gradated power/growth, potential,
      Experience, creation, real power; the convolutions
      Devolutionary direction/the evolution; needed quicken-
      Ing for expanded nazification of people. Those, used
      Through societal engineering, like genocide of white
      Heterosexual boys to men by supremacies within all
      Conspiracies, stereotyping, profiling, discrimination,
      Destruction, sorting out, mass-imprisoning, adopting
      A defacto-caste system, for e.g., unnatural disaster
      Refugees as united suck of assassins' untouchables,
      Also hoisting the organized crime and punishment
      Industrial complex' inside prison system onto society,
      As well, republican conspiracy of all demographics
      Conspiracies and all supremacies with the white
      Supremacy, to automate good replicas of la machine,
      Denaturing, vampirizing, cannibalizing human of its
      Illimitable potential in being life indivisible.

      They, now, since Glass-Steagle's removal by rem/dem
      Conspiracy and bubble, balloon until burst, disaster
      Economics has worked so well in decreasing trickle-
      Down economy (what's left after the vacuum-up to
      The rich), decentralization of profits, have done it
      Again, in the recently pasted, tripartisan (unusually, for
      Rems and S.S. tea partiers, as the dino-in-chief needed
      It for his upcoming re-election), supposed, Jobs Act,
      Where they removed needed remedies in the Sarbannes
      Act that was pasted after enrongate, so, another, future,
      Derivativegate, like the one in '08, can be used by Wall
      St., greed supremacists to gut the global economy again
      In a decade or so; establishing future further increasing
      Of the speed of their global blitzkrieg against all life,
      Also, a re-kick-starting of the economic war of attrition
      Against the middle-class to poor, by the middle-class to
      Rich. The criminally insane panoply, of destruction to
      Extinction as profit, pleasure, power, personified
      Autocratically, and its extreme behaviorally exemplified
      In high treason, have been codified as acceptable rem
      Practice, by dems through the extremism of centrism,
      Fascist vichy french necessary in hitler's rise. The
      Bush clan, who have been in business with the bin
      Ladens for over 3 decades, can be borne again, as
      Barack has done more for rems than anyone since
      Reagan. Regardless of the holding hands with Middle
      East royalty smirking monkey supposed Christian
      Al-queda`s, who purposely ordered osama be allowed
      To escape at Tora Bora, for, in the M.E. blood is thicker
      Than $ and he could no more kill a bin laden than he
      Could his own kid, high treason, the show must go on.

      The smoke and mirrors must not be dispelled, the
      Sleepers must not be awakened from their American
      Dreaming, for the dictated to be 2 nd place supremacy,
      The African-American, by Barack throwing away a
      Decade of dem future power by not choosing Hillary,
      Are dictating it; for, they now get to be the masters
      More, and the last thing they want to do, being good
      Supposed Christian taliban, is dismantle the man's
      House by not using the man's tools, as Audre Lourdes
      Relates; you see, it's good to be black, female, academic,
      Celebrity supremacists, all rolled into one, while you
      Make believe you're progressive, feminist, down to
      Earth, like M.H.P., who has shown her true colors,
      Repeatedly, on the Maddow show. For e.g., after the
      NAACP leadership conspired with the S.S. tea party
      For a couple days, agreeing with them, in order to
      Engineer a weapon of mass distraction, keeping
      Environmental movement news and legislation from
      Airing on the multi-media conspiracy for the dems and
      Dino-in-chief, through the Sherrod charade, MHP stated
      That con perpetrated on the people should, "finally put
      To rest the myth of reverse discrimination", which was
      An historically used faux attack, based on racism by the
      White supremacy and rems, to justify their genocide to
      Slow down the progress of the civil rights movement,
      Yet, she made no historical reference, so, her assertion
      Suggests that not only has there never been an instance
      Of racism by an African-American against a Caucasian,
      Which is impossible, but, even further, if one were to
      Suggest there was an instance, they could readily be
      Labeled a racist of that historical reprehensible process.

      So, the tens of millions of citizens who have suffered,
      And/or been murdered by an African-American racist
      Attack are all white racist recalcitrants; making her not
      Equal to holocaust deniers, yet, in the same ball park-
      A black supremacist position. Breit Bart, the S.S.
      Tea party, and black supremacists NAACP, MHP,
      "Ebony, ivory, working together in perfect harmony",
      Birds of different feathers flocking together to cluck all
      The way to the bank. Another time on Rachel`s show,
      MHP stated, "Â…that should put to rest the notion that
      Women are gold diggers", which is impossible, because
      Every person on the planet, including her, knows that
      There are women who are gold diggers; a female
      Supremacist argument- if it were to be criticized, the
      Retort would be the critic was patriarchal, misogynistic,
      Chauvinist, etc.. If you're truthful, real, not buying into
      The divide and conquer, dualistic, supposed dichotomy
      Of either you're a white supremacist or a Black one,
      Similar to the prisoners actuality, being either a racist
      Gang member or cannibalized by them, you`re murdered
      By both. Also, recently, she's continued her support for
      The privatization of the public school system, putting
      Economic holes in every public school boat, so all
      Public school boats eventually sink, through siphoning
      The lion's share of the money to voucher and charter
      Schools, by the supposed Christian conspiracy and
      Corps., all in the name of progressive, choice of school,
      And education that meets the needs of Black kids. Pre
      Plessey vs Ferguson supremacy court decision, school
      System of 70 years ago, being borne again, where a
      Separate and unequal education system was dictated.

      Supposed Christian conspiratorial white and black
      Supremacists, republicans, immoral minority, with the
      Partially civil wrongs movement African-Americans, all
      Aboard the S.S. tea party tugboat dragging the dead in
      The water USA ship of State into the rocks, together,
      Engineering the vouchers for whites, charter schools
      For blacks `privatization' and religious domination of
      The education system to destroy the public school
      System, teachers union, etc.. Determining the future
      Engineering of society wide defacto-slavery through
      Most tax dollars going to supposed Christian schools,
      And public ones getting naught, determining a populace
      Of have education and have not, citizens, determining
      An ever-increasing chasm between the haves and the
      Have-nots, etc., not to forget the fraud of "merit pay"
      For those teachers deemed worthy. Instead of investing
      In all public schools and teachers, making all boats rise-
      And, actually, better education for all kids. That being
      The prevalent academic supremacist position, that Black
      Kids are unduly suffering due to an inability of teachers,
      Administrators, school environments to meet specific
      Needs; which is only a half truth; dems are fond of,
      While rems pathologically lie- for, yes, the needs aren't
      Being met, partially due to vestiges of racism against
      Them, their parents not doing, or being as able to do,
      Due to economic repression vestiges, as good a job of
      Rearing their kids, lack of re-investment in inner-city
      Communal infrastructure, etc.. Yet, the other half of the
      Truth they don`t say, usually the more salient half, is that
      Almost all kids suffer under the same constraints, and
      Their political power as an African-American conspiracy

      Is getting them the charter schools through their
      Conspiring with the rems to destroy unions, gov`t run
      Universal programs, etc.; so, their special kids will have
      It like that, and the rest of the majority of kids will have
      It worse, etc.. This while she does great work, as well.
      Yet, we can't have several hundred school systems to
      Meet the needs of the have it like that's in the several
      Hundred demographics of this country; which is not
      Relevant to white and black supremacists, alike. So,
      Also, the dino-in-chief is a few supremacists all rolled
      Into one, and makes sausage with the rems better than
      Any other butcher at present, but, we can`t allow the
      Supposed Christian al-queda, king george, romney and
      The rems, desire to re-engineer this country into a
      Supposed Christian replica of a Middle East monarchy
      And theocracy to happen, even though the supposed
      Christian taliban, the dinos, are wit' it by nite, being
      Social conservatives, even though they're against it by
      Day, also being liberal dems. Another example of
      "Ebony and ivory working together in perfect
      Harmony", besides Barack caddying Mr. Boehner, is
      Reagan Nagin's and Gov'na' Blanco's premeditatedly
      Genociding African-Americans, poor, women, long-
      Term hospitalized, kids, nursing home residents, elderly,
      Handicapped, disabled, mentally ill, homeless, prisoners,
      Et al, doing away with unions, public schools, public
      Housing, animals, etc., by purposely not preventing the
      Flooding of "the bowl", the ninth ward, etc., through
      Purposely not reinforcing the levees for decades, even
      Though they were continually told to and given federal
      $ to, dictating, "the river to take what's the river's"; he

      Should have graffiti on his tombstone, "300 buses and
      No drivers", if there's an African-American in the land.
      You see the a'ightie a'ight and the a'ights singing in
      Perfect harmony with whitie white and the whites
      Makes terrible music for this nation, sowing the seeds
      Of exceptionalist, united, supremacist cacophony to
      Whoever will listen. That extremism in the guise of
      Centrism may fool some of the people all of the time,
      All of the people some of the time, but, it can't fool all
      Of the people all of the time- why be their fool. This
      While we're not exceptions, this nation's been run
      Aground as the majority has let it, as nations have been
      Globally, as has humanity, life, the earth, we must
      Struggle for reality, and speak truth, every moment,
      Everyday; i.e., romney's Mormon cult would prosper if
      He were elected, as would all aspects of its war against
      Girls to women, young men, also, dinos/rems, black and
      White supremacists, are privatizing, to destroy S.S.,
      Because the majority of recipients are elderly white
      Women, since it hasn't worked they've altered tactics,
      Attacking S.S. by giving 3 years of payroll tax cuts,
      Making the 30 year from now insolvency of S.S. 3 years
      Sooner; we can't allow these things to happen- we're
      supposed to have 0 supremacies, not 21, we must
      Struggle to stop their broad attacks on voting, and get
      Out the vote, now. Remember, the intellect can't lead,
      For, the life doesn't follow; and, even though necessity is
      The mother of invention, its father is the evolution. They
      Have engineered necessary conditions for nazification of
      Humanity, yet, all of humanity can rise, as evolutionaries
      Only do, and place their scarcity based nazification in
      Our past, while we embrace the abundance that is reality.

      Copy, share, as you will. Thanx for all you do! Ciao, for now.

      Matutinally Yours,

      james m nordlund reality (aja) :)
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