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Update on NAMI-RI Walk

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  • Charles Feldman
    Dear Friends and Family, As you know, I m participating in 2012 NAMIWalk Rhode Island. I would like to thank those of you who have donated in support of the
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      Dear Friends and Family,

      As you know, I'm participating in 2012 NAMIWalk Rhode Island. I would like
      to thank those of you who have donated in support of the NAMI Walk, and ask
      those who have not yet donated to consider supporting the Walk in this
      manner (see link below as well as my original reasons for backing the

      I would also like to encourage you to come on the day of the Walk, whether
      you can afford a donation or not. The Walk is a good way to celebrate the
      achievements and spirit of the mental health community in Rhode Island.

      Here are the details about the Walk:


      NAMI Rhode Island

      its Namily, members, supporters and friends!


      October 13, 2012

      For its

      7th Annual

      NAMIWalks RI

      at Roger Williams Park

      Carousel Village

      Registration: 9:00am

      Walk Kick-Off: 10:00am

      As you may know, NAMI Rhode Island has meant a lot to me, and to the people
      I serve through my job and volunteer work at NAMI Rhode Island. It has
      provided a backdrop to my recovery from mental illness, and it has allowed
      me to reach out to others over the phone and through support groups, and
      presentations in schools, to allow me to share this recovery with others.
      Supporting the NAMI Walk will allow the work that I and others do at NAMI
      Rhode Island to continue and grow.

      Numerous times, people have said to me: "Why didn't I ever hear about NAMI
      before?" If we have the resources to do more outreach, family members of
      people with mental illness, and people who themselves live with mental
      illness will be able to get the support they need right away, instead of
      waiting for years, as sometimes happens. Your support will help us to do

      You can help support me by making a secure online donation using your
      credit card. Click on the link below:


      For more information on how YOU can participate in 2012 NAMIWalk Rhode
      Island, please visit our homepage. Let me know if you have any questions.

      Thanks for your support!

      Charlie Feldman

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