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Re: PTV, GOTV + Vote early, Acts, each one reach one, please!:

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  • jamesmnordlund
    More hacked out, so, I m posting it here; with more GOTV twigs of poetree :) Let My People Vote: http://www.facebook.com/LetMyPeopleVote Wake The F… Up:
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 30, 2012
      More hacked out, so, I'm posting it here; with more GOTV twigs of poetree :)

      Let My People Vote:


      Wake The F… Up:


      More GOTV twigs of poetree :)

      infanticide, pedocide, genocide, oh my

      Republican conspiracies Nazi programs:
      Infanticide, sucking infants to death in
      The crib, "crib death". with their psychic
      Terrorism, the "suck", demons feeding
      On their souls. The destroying of infant
      Testicles, dictating who won't be the
      Uber-class, remocrats, dempublicans,
      Determining underclass; systematically
      Deep sixed before they can even crawl.

      Pedocide, supposed: Roman Catholic
      Empire (and other Christian cults like
      Mormonism), Hindi, Sikh Sects (Kali),
      Satanists, Santeria, Yoruba, Yoodoo,
      Voodoo, Wicca, military, football progrs.,
      Etc., systematic sexualizing, assaulting,
      Abusing, raping of mostly non-remocrat
      Boys, determining under achiever, victim,
      Criminal, institutionalized, addict; those
      Who may not stop the cycles of ill, taking
      Others with them, down- run, protected
      By the police. To determine an endemic
      Undermining of democracy, destruction of
      One person, one vote, etc.. Target group,
      Caucasian, dictating who won't be the
      Uber-class; who won't strive, thrive, or,
      Even be alive, to avoid having their asses
      And assets liquidated- loved ones undone.
      Parents, your taxes, pay your kids rapists!

      All genocides, I've struggled with all my
      Life, yet, never mentioning this one, tea
      Baggers were manufactured to organize on,
      Caucasians, genocided out and down, or
      Destroyed in and up, divide and conquer
      Dictating only supremacies will exist- and
      Society will only be haggling amongst
      Them for a larger piece of the Nazi rock,
      Vampirism to cannibalism of non-remocrat,
      Non-supremacists by almost all. Target
      Group, Caucasian boys, who are dictated to
      Not be uber-class, by programs mentioned
      Above and the martial-art manufactured,
      Through the rape of kids and stealing of
      Their astral bodies, devil (as defined by
      Judeo-Christians, it's the core of suck);
      Their undoing, assassination subcontracted
      Out to every other supremacy of the 21, to
      Silence victims and dictate destruction to
      Murder as profit and pleasure, the coin of
      The realm- for, the largest conspiracy, and
      Supremacies within it, only grows when
      Any conspirator does their bidding (be it
      Dinos conspiring with libertarians, rems,
      Tea partiers (kkk), or dems with anarcho-
      Socialists, totalitarians). Ghandi said it,
      "Be the change you wish to see in the
      World", protect and vote for the vote by
      GOTV and voting. Every remocrat aids,
      Abets all infanticiders, pedociders,
      Genociders, at minimum, while most
      Dempublicans do too. The LGBTQ
      Supremacy leds up the pedocide programs.
      Many of these narcissistic to nihilistic
      Nazi machine parts, say "they do it for
      Jesus", only multiplying their atrocities-
      They're abominations, one, all. What can
      Be done, feel, be more, act, if not you, then
      Who, now, then when, here, then where?

      (2006, final draft)

      YOU CAN

      Talk the talk, walk the walk, and even
      Be the be, but, if you don't vote the vote,
      You won't ever be livin' in a democracy!

      Thanx for all you do! reality
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