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In Memoriam, good Memorial Day to All, Art/Act

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    In Memoriam, good Memorial Day to All, Art/Act These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion: In Memoriam, good Memorial Day to All, Art/Act:
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      In Memoriam, good Memorial Day to All, Art/Act
      These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:
      In Memoriam, good Memorial Day to All, Art/Act:


      This petition on change.org: In Memoriam, Art/Act:


      In Memoriam, good Memorial Day to All, write on! Won't you read, create, share, evoke your and others writings with our military men and women in mind? Twigs of my related poetree for all to share:


      Hunger strike against Iraqi War funding
      Going strong, with Medea and Codepink.
      "No more funds for war and occupation,
      "We..." need healthcare and education".
      "12 billion wasted on this war a month,
      That's $5000. every second"; trillions
      Your grandkids will pay higher taxes for
      Their whole lives! Supplemental war
      Bill will be voted on in a few days,
      Bush wants another 184 million for it,
      An unnecessary one, they hope to make
      "Unending", Kofi Annan called "illegal";
      McCain says, "it may last a 100 years"-
      Don't let remocrats rob you, your kids,
      Grandkids of their livelihoods, stop war
      Funding, stop the war, now, bring our
      Troops home; if you support them. Liz
      Yelled across the street, "time to go",
      Then cops arrested her, we were going
      Home, it didn't matter, more police
      Crime against free speech. Unlike the
      Cries of 10 year old boys not let out of
      Fallujah with their families so the next
      2 generations of Iraqi men can be killed
      Now, "We,...", will not be silenced.
      They can't silence the global thundering
      Cry for justice, "We, the people...",
      Won't let them; tell Congress we want
      Our families home. Stop the war, now!

      Log Cabins

      Liked building them at X-Mas, when I was a kid, and not
      Workaholicing, BUT, they liked me too much, as in the
      Republican conspiracies `leave no child's behind alone'
      Program, part of their numerous pedocide programs (also
      Dictating the central dependence on rote was increased,
      Decreasing education, and it was under funded); a
      Cornerstone of their genocide against non-remocrat
      Caucasian boys- destroying their competition before it even
      Becomes it, usually they subcontract out this 'work' to all
      Conspirators of all conspiracies, liquidating our assets and
      Asses all our lives, "keeping what they kill". According to
      The rems this is "perfect murder", as military, (supposed)
      Religious extremists, etc., make good "amoral professionals";
      And with the aiding and abetting of the cops, all are assured
      Of "getting away with it"- the only law in the land. Where,
      Anywhere they can, schools, Churches, temples, colleges,
      Homes; kids who work, with parents who overwork, are
      'Easily accessed'- the cliché, "no good deed goes
      Unpunished", in the extreme, etc.. One of the military's
      Pedocide program's favorites, oldest son raping all his
      Siblings in one night; he`s in, they`re out- another, training
      Of animals to suck, destroy and murder. One might ask,
      How do they get plausible deniability for the gov't's total
      Involvement`, simply, they import pedophiles from other
      Lands; paying them with green cards, careers, advancements,
      Etc.- so, the united suck of assassins can assert, "they didn`t
      Do it all". One might ask, why, for example, would the
      Supposed civil rights movement (only part of the African-
      American republican conspiracy) go along with this genocide,
      Because they see it as `reparations, every white man they're
      Allowed to destroy is one they're never going to have
      Competition from`; either. Why the supposed feminists…,
      They don't think of it as 'rape of boys, rather, it's controlling
      Men, for, a denatured boy is more easily separated from his
      Realization of potential, ass, then assets, by any and all women`.
      Why women…, the majority in every way, have long sided
      With the remocrat conspiracy in it's spearheading the corp.
      Structure's convolutions' war on the middle-class to poor men;
      Hear about rape of women a lot, rape of men never, that while
      The number of both is close- the pedocide of kids programs are
      Never allowed to be talked about, even the known ones like the
      Roman Catholic Empire`s. Why the totalitarian LGBTQ
      Conspiracy…, they consider 'humans as clay, you want Gay
      People, make them Gay, for, gays are more probably not going
      To go along with larger societal norms, more likely to react to
      Them, and more probably materialistic out of defensive needs,
      At minimum, therefore, more accessible, readily recruited,
      And monetarily fruitful'. Why rem Gays…, Nazism, some of
      Them think it's their right to have sex with boys, reparations,
      The fact that raped kids have a far greater probability of
      Becoming non-heterosexual; all do it to give astronomically
      More power to the republication of the populace processes,
      As any conspiracy enables all conspiracies, especially the
      Biggest- requiring a reactive totalitarian conspiracy to fight
      Against it, supposedly, etc.. Not to forget, some are leaders
      Of the anti-gay, amoral minority supposed Christian
      Conspiracy, movement, destroying and murdering out of self-
      Loathing, subconscious or otherwise; uber-hypocrites. All
      Conspirators find it irresistible to destroy Caucasian non-rem
      Kids, just because they're heterosexual, male (the target group),
      White, etc.. This genocide is one of the main reasons why
      Empire's like Roman and British rose, fell, why the rems, 20 %
      Of the population, control the other 80 %; like Apartheid
      South Africa used to be- except, here it's mostly economic
      Apartheid. The bi-polar axi of supposed power for the last half
      A century, the republican and totalitarian conspiracies, the rem
      Being fascist, at minimum, and totalitarian, the totalitarians
      Being that, at minimum, and corporate agents, had successfully
      Divided and conquered the world between them with their
      Dictate, "if you`re not us you`re the enemy"; yet, not quite,
      After the fall of the "Berlin Wall"- and even less now. That's
      Why King George and his Dick Cheney tried to manufacture
      Astronomically more Islamic extremists through their and the
      Elite of the rem conspiracies' purposely not preventing the
      Attacks on 9-11-2001 and the unnecessary war in Iraq, etc., a
      `Boogeyman' to replace the U.S.S.R.. To dictate an
      Exponentially increased amount of tax dollars vacuumed-up,
      Centralized to the rem dominated military, etc., industrial
      Complexes, at minimum, and, over my dead body, an
      "Unending unnecessary war against terror", to make it,
      Astronomically, instead. Every demographics controlling
      Conspiracy conspiring with the rem conspiracy to replicate
      Conspiracy as a replacement for humanity; the exigency of the
      Delusional construct of materialism, and its twin, nihilism, …
      For sanity. Never hear "rage against the machine", and it's
      Replication of machine parts, anymore, seldom, "fight the
      Powers", that unbe, even, why, because they're all
      Collectively, the machine and supposed power; "centrism"
      Was Nazism in Nazi Germany- popularityism=vampirism=
      Cannibalism=centrism=fascism=nazism=extinction. No one
      Was ever "perfect", nor, "born this way", unbeing extremely
      Narcissistically requires pathological lying; which only rems
      Do, while dems pathologically half-truth- destruction and
      Murder are of no profit or pleasure. Whereas, you're a soma,
      Organically and (w)holistically growing, your solutions with
      Reality concentrating or diluting over time through your foci
      Of attention; every person is illimitable in their realization of
      Potential- and life is indivisible, be. Ghandi said, "Abhaya,
      Fearlessness, is most important for an individual and a
      Nation". A pop song, "…I will go down, with this ship, I
      Won't throw my hands in the air and give up, (there's more
      Light in this world than exists)…, I"m in love and always
      Will be…. …I will go down, with this ship, I won't throw
      My hands in the air and give up, (there's more light in this
      World than exists)…, I'm in love and …(all ways) will be
      ….." Will you? Viva la evolution, viva Green Party.

      (In Memoriam, good Memorial Day to All)


      The depth of our sorrow
      Is a fathom unknown,
      The well of light and life,
      Built of meanings and moments
      Shared with them.

      "What's Love Got To Do With It..."

      They say, a rose by any other...,
      Would still smell as sweet.
      Every 9 seconds a woman is raped
      By someone who says he loves her.
      Give a real gift to sisters,
      And brothers, all, reach one,
      And teach one, to not be a
      Link in that patriarchal chain,
      Not adding to that number of
      Humanities bane, not a statistic
      in la machine's game, ever;
      From this Valentine's Day on.

      (For 100th anniversary of Int'l
      Women's Day, and celebrating
      Women's History Month; reality)


      Above..., and beyond..., they fly,
      Betwixt earth and sky,
      Feathers feeling what's in the wind,
      Reality, on high, message, messenger,
      As betwixt the profane and sacred,
      In the mundane, realism, we walk.


      Those more attached
      To living or dying, are
      So more closely death.

      one's mental cell

      Delusional walls,
      Built with illusional bricks;
      One's personal hell.


      Hustled and bustled,
      Still, hands only put to heart,
      Beings, only art.


      Splitting of atom,
      Cloning of Adam, hubris;
      Leads to extinction


      Will of life's wind howls
      There is no fear. being, all
      The way live, `til.....


      Address, not address,
      Costs, the former is one's, the
      Latter is global.


      Sword that cuts all ways,
      Without, for, there's no cutting;
      And a pointless point.

      stand for something

      Not all those deluded
      By sides are squares, glean, grace can't
      Be sought, it seeks you.

      temples of doom, twins rebuilt, for future's broom

      Remocrat conspiratorial elite's, hand, by purposely
      Not preventing the attacks on 9-11, holding the gun,
      The suppose Christian extremists mirrored image,
      In Islam, reinvented, reprogrammed, re-manned, by
      Dempublicans and their only got hope leader, who put
      The con back in the corporate structure's convolution,
      Not idling, to avoid the "devil's workshop", have re-
      Fashioned the united suck of assassins global Christo-
      Blitzkrieg against all life; it's now, not only "keinder
      And gentler", "not anti-Islam", gangrene and power
      Magnet mild, it's also going to run its vacuum-up
      Economics on medium, for awhile, allowing a larger
      "Trickle down effect", left on the ground, which,
      With "volunteers", marketeers to be, will, purportedly,
      "Portend the survival of "We,…" and the resurrection
      Of "He", into the future, you'll see"- not. He tried to
      Put healthcare in every pot, cap emissions, will me-
      Diate the crisis between "pro-life" anti-lifers and pro-
      Choicers, switch "don't ask, don't tell" with don't
      Ask, it's ok to say, strike down DOMA; yet, the "war
      On terror", that's unnecessary, and the destruction of
      "the axis of evil" countries, that aren't, have only gone
      From the lexicon, now covert, though still "unending".

      This while the growing need for real change of all,
      Only possible through changing directions, from the
      Remocrat conspiracies devolutionary one, based on
      Destruction, murder being profit, pleasure, in a word,
      Scarcity, based systems, to evolutionary, abundance,
      Based ones, isn't, individually, communally, globally;
      Nor, somatic, (w)holistic, organic, conscious, green.
      To begin, again, only knowing where you've been,
      Informs where you're at, and only then can one direct
      Where they go, yet, it must begin within, self-actuate,
      Turning 360 degrees around, back to the future and
      The evolution- a supplanting of everything, evolving.
      No Newt is good Newts' contract on America must
      Be undone, as must be pathological lying and high
      Treason as politics, a trust, agreement, covenant with
      Us, be reformed, as Christianity needs reformation,
      Really, only then can "we,…", path find humanities
      Way to undo the highway paved in militarisms wake;
      Deschooling, without rote, progeny, who can realize,
      Illimitable potential, practice unscorched earth policy
      Of all kinds, instead, dispelling delusional constructs:
      Materialism, separation, sides, use, have nots for
      Haves, narcissism, nihilism, vampirism, cannibalism.

      Humanities and large mammals extinction, racing
      Towards us from our future, seen on the horizon,
      Dictated by corporate structure, must be stopped,
      First; now- you ask how? If you don't build it, they
      Won't come, For years, from a decade before the
      World Trade Center was undone, by "planes that
      Flew into buildings", Ms. Rice said "they didn`t
      Know could happen", as she never saw a kid play,
      I warned of their doom, in twigs of poetree, et al.
      As I told of the terrible two's, the axi of supposed
      Power, the remocrat and totalitarian conspiracies
      Dividing and conquering the world between them,
      Like two sides of a materialist coin (un)becoming
      Like one another, racing towards each other, life and
      Humanity, the coin between them, disappearing as
      They go, decades before. Those twigs told of the
      False gods, mammon, of avarice (the real religion
      behind all studies), and mollock, of war; neither able
      To realize their exigent supposed potential without
      The other- and how each of The Twin Towers was a
      Temple to one, western civilization worshipped in.

      Those false gods feed, humanity, sacrificed more,
      Constantly, at the altar of mammon, and life at
      Mollock`s, only death's dirge heard from supposed
      Christian abominations, proclaiming "it is all done
      For Jesus", forced extermination of humanity, large
      Mammals; dictating their "final solution", extinction,
      For all. How, addressing, not addressing injustices
      Has costs, former is individual, the later is global,
      As well, if you don't stand up for yourself, exercise
      Your responsibility, you lose power, also, those real
      Deficits (consequence of delusional gains), in lost
      Power taken from us, or abdicated willingly to the
      Gov`t, individually, communally, globally, add up;
      Manifesting autocratic power, which corrupts
      Until it's absolute power- that corrupts absolutely.
      Yet, one can't abdicate their responsibility, so, one
      Suffers the consequences of what those false leaders
      Do, and don't. That's why "Abhaya", fearlessness,
      Is the only solution, betwixt one and reality, which,
      If continually concentrated, evolves one, all- if not
      You, then who, now, when, here, where, this, what?

      infanticide, pedocide, genocide, oh my

      Republican conspiracies Nazi programs:
      infanticide, "suck" ing infants to death in
      The crib, with their psychic terrorism;
      Feeding on their souls. The destroying of
      Infant's testicles, dictating who won't be
      The uber-class, remocrats, dempublicans.
      Determining an underclass; systematically
      Deep sixed before they can even crawl.

      Pedocide, Roman Catholic Empire, many
      Hindi Sects, military, etc., systematic
      Sexualizing, abusing, assaulting, raping of
      Mostly boys, determining under achievers,
      Criminals, institutionalized, addicts; those
      Who may not stop the cycles of ill, taking
      Others with them- down. Target group,
      Caucasian, dictating who won't be the
      Uber-class; who won't strive, thrive, or,
      Even be alive, to avoid having their asses
      And assets liquidated- loved ones undone.
      Parents, your taxes, pay your kids rapists!

      All genocides, I've struggled with all my
      Life, yet, never mentioning this one, tea
      Baggers were manufactured to organize on,
      Caucasian. Target group, Caucasian boys,
      Who are dictated to not be uber-class, by
      Programs mentioned above; their undoing,
      Assassinations subcontracted out to every
      Other conspiracy, to silence victims and
      Dictate destruction, murder as profit and
      Pleasure are the coin of the realm- for, the
      Largest conspiracy only grows when any
      Conspirator does their bidding. Every
      Remocrat aids and abets all pedociders,
      Infanticiders, genociders, at minimum,
      While most dempublicans do too. Many
      Of these Nazi machine parts, say "they do
      It for Jesus", only multiplying their
      Atrocities- they're abominations, one, all.
      What shall be done, act, if not you, then
      Who, now, then when, here, then where?


      A 60 th: birth of Israel, and Al Nakba, mournful
      Remembrance of atrocities in Palestine; you and I.
      Two sides of the same coin? Spoils of war, what's
      Left for.., after all has been..? Coin of the realm,
      The destruction, murder that made it, and sides.
      At 16 I said USSR and USA were these sides, racing
      Towards each other, the closer they got, the more
      Alike..., exigency replacing humanity, globally;
      They're them in the Middle East, a mix of la
      Machine, beast, et al; extinction incarnate.
      Why there won't be anything but their peacing on
      Each other, til they can war, waring pays 10 times
      More and they broke the sky; as everybody knows?!
      They just have to keep the convolutions show going
      Long enough, deluding enough, so, you don't be
      Change evolution needs; to stop the extermination
      Of humanity they dictate. When 100 million are
      Dying annually from unnatural disasters, instead
      Of 10, when war over food, water, is more common,
      And only military rules everywhere; peace will be
      A notion, like love conquering all, dwindling moms
      Tell kids, only when dads aren't around. Then,
      Humanity will be dead, after that, human species,
      Large mammals extinct. Why, `cause you believed
      Their cons now, like sides existing, to destroy,
      Kill, is profit, pleasure, etc.. If they wanted
      Peace there would be. Why do the convolutions lies
      Fly, `cause you let them. The life is indivisible,
      Divide and conquer only works on the divided. Be.

      DC WA$H

      Assbackwards, just the way the terrible twos,
      Bipolar axi, remocrat/totalitarian conspiracy
      Like it. The gloves, their collaborators,
      Dempublicans, socialists, making humanities
      Extermination now, extinction later, reality.
      Supposedly, they're diametrically opposed,
      While they collaborate in genocide, etc.. War
      On every nonremocrat male, from middle-class
      To poor, you must be one side, or the other;
      Not them, you're the enemy. In capitalist
      Society, totalitarians play a supporting role,
      As money plays in totalitarian ones; the ol'
      Cold war fix still in. Their rabid militarist
      Jaws locked on, humanity can't exist until
      They're gone. Pedocide programs, remocrats
      Pride and joy, one, where military sexually
      Abuse kids with potential, who they deem
      Won't grow up to be remocrat; target group,
      White boys- destroy their competition before
      They become it, and adults. All conspiracies
      Collaborate with them to varying degrees,
      Manufacturing rule by most nazi conspiracy;
      And nazism as way of life. We, the people,
      Shouldn't grind up the seeds. How did this
      Happen, by almost all embracing their
      Devolutionary direction, the corporate
      Structures, la machines, convolution. Only
      Way to change that, is to change everything,
      Uplifting all life, devaluing conspiracy in
      Everyway, every moment, everyday; feeling.
      Thinking through their bricks of illusions,
      That make their walls of delusions, in their
      Mental cells, their personal hell; human,
      Being alival, not, la machines survival- now.


      If you don't exercise it,
      Its Siamese twin sister, freedom,
      Will wither, like a muscle, as well.

      Going Sane, Or In…?

      The F.B.I. knew, but, didn't tell. The military,
      No response 'til 3/4 an hour after initial attack.
      No air force jets scrambled, to shoot the
      Commandeered ones down. Soon, the Central Lack
      Of Intelligence Agency will dictate, it wasn't known.
      According to the Emperor, in his new threads, he
      Will be "victorious in this Christian Crusade against
      All terrorists and their supporters", to the 4 corners.
      This while the British empire couldn't take the I.R.A.,
      Even on their best day. Yes, he really meant,
      Non-Christian, non-whites, especially the ones who've
      Been pounded for hundreds of years by war with the
      Brits, Russians, et al; and eventually, all who disagree.
      For, we can't forget his edict to the world,
      "Either you're on our side, or you're terrorists".
      As if this weren't criminal enough, they're talking
      About using nuclear weapons. So, we've W.W.III
      Against one of the poorest countries, already in rubble,
      Getting famine relief, who practice the fastest growing
      Religion, Islam, to kill them and cut OPEC's edge on
      US oil; while making radioactive dust?
      Then, a chorus of supposed feminists chime in,
      "They've oppressed women and children for years.
      War is good, as long as women are in leadership after."
      Have we forgotten, destruction and murder are
      Of no value, they just reinforce the effects of cyclical
      Deprivation? There are no "sides", that is a delusion?
      How could "we" be so lost, or let them lead us astray?


      Is man deserted in the Middle East?
      Does it bleed him as we bleed the earth,
      The fouling of one sky always following?
      How could the sons of Isaac and Ishmael,
      So, not remember their way? Thinking
      They're choosing peacing and warring on
      Each other for delusional profits, pleasures,
      While sanguine sands mark their real loss
      Of life, humanities' loss of time.
      Wasn't it written, God is watching and
      We are returning, as the home of heart
      In a child beckons the man that becomes?
      Isn't it so, our souls call to us in silences?
      Yet, the military machine rolls. What is,
      Or could be, heard by any above this?

      A woman martyr, 18, imploded by the lies
      Taught to her from U.S. written, donated
      Textbooks, explodes, taking hers and
      Others lives from us. Same as the shining
      Sun seems to divine famine.
      Here, clouds relent, watering soil,
      Cleansing spiritually, some mind's eyes.
      While the media's constant chides of,
      "You're not the earth, reality isn't your
      Womb, rather, a tomb divined",
      Though, only smoke and mirrors, divide.
      Yet, the life, indivisible, defies, a flower
      Blossoms, Michaelangelo's... roll by,
      An avian's trill still rings true.
      So, what of me and you.
      Will we allow individual injustices to go
      Unchallenged, devolving into global ones?
      Our freedoms to wither, for, we didn't
      Exercise our responsibilities? Deaths
      Dirge to purge our evolutionary calling?
      Manifest destinies rag to drag us through
      Their mud, determining the unactuation
      Of life, our and large mammals extinction?
      Or, will birdsong be sung
      Of what we've done?

      Let not the only tear to eye be their
      Destined flood. Let our sojourns longing
      Redefine the sublime in mornings
      Awakening. Let life at humanities' hearth
      Grow, our being veracity and loving sow.


      Like the wind moves,
      Not love, nor hate,
      Only everything and nothing
      At all; at once.


      In which doings and not doings
      Are done or aren't,
      Brings life and light to them,
      Or it doesn't.

      Another Mournful Day

      Tuesday, 28th of May, 2002, they say
      the last girder to survive 9-11-01, at the
      base of the World Trade Center, was
      being removed. Solemn ceremony in
      honor of the many deceased, as well as
      relief workers, and volunteers took place.
      The faces of the fallen were present and
      they were remembered. The New York
      City worker's silence, as that steels,
      echoing America's doubts, unanswered
      questions, born of grief, hardship and loss,
      reflect what's still missing in our nation's
      psyche, answers, as to why.
      Not just those directed to God, reality,
      derived from existential angst, also, those
      "we", as a people, silently ask our souls.
      Did they not prevent them purposely?
      Stanzas of Longfellow's "Psalm of Life":
      "In the world's broad field of battle,
      In the bivouac of Life,
      Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
      Be a hero in the strife!
      Trust no Future, howe'er pleasant!
      Let the dead Past bury its dead!
      Act, - act in the living Present!
      Heart within, and God o'erhead!"
      While still girded by cries for justice,
      will "we", at least, stand on the land
      of our birth and demand truth from
      power, seizing the hour of our countries
      need? Or, stand aside and watch as
      humanities' slide into the abyss of history
      follows those over 3000 lives lost, and the
      Twin Towers. Will this ever again be, the
      land of the free, home of the brave? Or
      will Liberties' torch be scorched forever?


      Sword that cuts all ways,
      Without, for, there's no cutting;
      And a pointless point.


      Still, they say, "We've all come to
      look for America", maybe, in that day.
      Stark, "we", see a child, Iraqi, mangled,
      blood escaping her, to sand; by our hand.
      Insides, out, life, soul, returning to....
      A war on the insides, yours, mine, hers,
      they no good where they are, pulsing life,
      surging breath, uplifting spirit; not serving death.
      When will we be as ancestors, needing to say,
      "...to end all war"; what consumer of defacement
      lurks in your soma, to rise before? The remocrats,
      dempublicans, corporate agents one, all, don't
      mind sleekly packaged, sci-fi winged, efficacious,
      low body count war; just the next stepping stones
      for ever increasingly centralized and cyclical
      supposed garnering of delusional profits and
      pleasures; realizing exponentially more real
      deficits, deaths of eco-systems, species, babies
      whose birthrights were ripped from them before
      they were a twinkle in.... La machine's lust…,
      unquenchably oiled by non-American, non-white,
      non-Christian blood, bringer of flood, enthroned
      mollock, war, as none will..., or have before.
      Mesopotamia, birthed civilization, a depleted
      uranium dirge forever unsounding, devouring
      unseen flame, the life interred in sullen eyes,
      seeing, not again, know, darkness looms every...;
      the half-life being longer than theirs. A heart will
      have no solace, until defilement of civilization
      no longer bays.

      five easy pieces

      To thine own self be who, and
      While you're being what you are,
      Remember this, to follow your path
      Of heart: how, where, when, and,
      Sometimes, why; forever unanswered.

      9-11 Allowed Attacks, Was It Our Reichstag?

      The united suck of assassins, 95 % fascist,
      Switches from wonder bread, destroying bones
      In 12 ways, to whole wheat, in the Blackhouse;
      Giving a new hue to the rich's middle-class
      To poor sandwich. Will the condiments change,
      A Cinqo de Mayo to a dollop of mustard; one
      Taste of supposed Christianity for another-
      Will the surprises never cease? An answer,
      Faint, echoing, 'where's the beef'?, implores.

      Weimar Republic, Germany, got its eugenics
      Programs from CA, first they came for elderly,
      Medically and mentally ill, handicapped,
      Disabled, then the rest; like the republicans
      Are doing now. Defend yourself by defending
      Them, one for all, all for one; "we…", stand
      Together, or fall separately! Burning of the
      Reichstag by Hitler, blaming others, was his
      Excuse to take over; their fall. Remember a
      WWII lesson, if you're not taking bullets you're
      Making them. A heart in the heart of the
      Heartland is bleeding every moment, are you?

      Those Germans thought they 'had it like that'
      Too, mass destruction and murder were profit,
      Pleasure, 'liberties'. Patriotism, a supposed
      Excuse for Nazism. Now that almost all here
      Have been sociologically programmed into
      Lowest common denominator, uber-consuming
      Replications of vacuums, heads made of tape
      Recorders with cash registers attached,
      La machine, the convolutions devolution of
      Humanity into exigency, is almost complete.
      It only took 450 years of supposed science
      And religion, extermination to extinction.

      Man, the nexus of 35 billion years of evolution,
      Doesn't have to be wiped out in two decades;
      It, evoked, as a common language, the thread
      That links every…, in the fabric of life,
      Can dispel the corporate structures trap,
      Worldly trappings, that fill every orifice
      And eye. Civic irresponsibility, past
      Generations have heaped on our heads and
      Shoulders, only able to be borne on wings of
      Compassion, must be exorcised through our
      Only acting on it; realizing the growth of
      Responsibilities Siamese twin sister, freedoms,
      Flight- to the extent that we exercised it.

      What of the hand, remocrats, sky is bluing
      US, when they're not pathologically lying,
      The glove, dempublicans, liberal spread
      Of half truths, although, the lesser of the two?
      Saddam Barack Osama Hussein Obama Bin
      Laden's, as the remocrats call him, train that
      Could, hope, change, bipartisanship? Pope's,
      New, indulgences for the rich, no condoms for
      The poor, dictated? Normalcy, I don't suffer,
      Or, suffer from, nor, Euro-centrism, northern
      Malaise, academia, a blood disease. He may
      Have put the con back in their convolution,
      Yet, has anyone been fooled by the temporary
      Changes the `good cop' will put in place, the
      `Bad cop' will wipe away when the Blackhouse
      Is white washed, again? Where's real change?

      The audacity of nope resounds, that duopolies
      `Bipartisan' ship has sailed, and gotten us into
      The economic blackhole we're in, and will be, it
      Couldn't, possibly, get us out. Not even light,
      Nor, truth, escapes it. Without changing from
      Remocrat dictated scarcity based society, to
      Nature's, abundance based reality, they're just
      Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. All
      Changes every moment, "we, ...", need real
      Change of direction, knowing where you've been,
      Informs where you're at, and, only then, can one
      Direct where they go, yet, it must begin within,
      Self-actuation, turning 360 degrees around,
      Back to the future and the evolution- a
      Supplanting of everything, evolving.

      james m nordlund

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      "Painting is poetry which is seen and not heard, and poetry is a painting which is heard but not seen." ~ Leonardo da Vinci. For those interested :) "of or pertaining to the morning, day, relating to or happening in the morning or in the early part of the day (formal), (Mid-16th century, from late Latin matutinalis, from Matuta, goddess of the dawn)". As always, feel free to copy, share, as you will. Thanx for all you do! Enjoy a vernal eve' as you can. Ciao, for now.

      Matutinally Yours,

      james m nordlund
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