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Art/Act: Good Poetry Month, Write On :)

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  • james m nordlund
    Art/Act: Good Poetry Month, Write On :) Hola. Some twigs of my activist/advocate poetree, for example :) Stark s Hunger strike against Iraqi War funding
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 18, 2009
      Art/Act: Good Poetry Month, Write On :)
      Hola. Some twigs of my activist/advocate poetree, for example :)


      Hunger strike against Iraqi War funding
      Going strong, with Medea and Codepink.
      "No more funds for war and occupation,
      "We..." need healthcare and education".
      "12 billion wasted on this war a month,
      That's $5000. every second"; trillions
      Your grandkids will pay higher taxes for
      Their whole lives! Supplemental war
      Bill will be voted on in a few days,
      Bush wants another 184 million for it,
      An unnecessary one, they hope to make
      "Unending", Kofi Annan called "illegal";
      McCain says, "it may last a 100 years"-
      Don't let remocrats rob you, your kids,
      Grandkids of their livelihoods, stop war
      Funding, stop the war, now, bring our
      Troops home; if you support them. Liz
      Yelled across the street, "time to go",
      Then cops arrested her, we were going
      Home, it didn't matter, more police
      Crime against free speech. Unlike the
      Cries of 10 year old boys not let out of
      Fallujah with their families so the next
      2 generations of Iraqi men can be killed
      Now, "We,...", will not be silenced.
      They can't silence the global thundering
      Cry for justice, "We, the people...",
      Won't let them; tell Congress we want
      Our families home. Stop the war, now!


      Assbackwards, just the way the terrible twos,
      Bipolar axi, remocrat/totalitarian conspiracy
      Like it. The gloves, their collaborators,
      Dempublicans, socialists, making humanities
      Extermination now, extinction later, reality.
      Supposedly, they're diametrically opposed,
      While they collaborate in genocide, etc.. War
      On every nonremocrat male, from middle-class
      To poor, you must be one side, or the other;
      Not them, you're the enemy. In capitalist
      Society, totalitarians play a supporting role,
      As money plays in totalitarian ones; the old
      Cold war fix still in. Their rabid militarist
      Jaws locked on, humanity can't exist until
      They're gone. Pedocide programs, remocrats
      Pride and joy, one, where military sexually
      Abuse kids with potential, who they deem
      Won't grow up to be remocrat; target group,
      White boys- destroy their competition before
      They become it, and adults. All conspiracies
      Collaborate with them to varying degrees,
      Manufacturing rule by most Nazi conspiracy;
      And Nazism as way of life. We, the people,
      Shouldn't grind up the seeds. How did this
      Happen, by almost all embracing their
      Devolutionary direction, the corporate
      Structures, la machines, convolution. Only
      Way to change that, is to change everything,
      Uplifting all life, devaluing conspiracy in
      Everyway, every moment, everyday; feeling.
      Thinking through their bricks of illusions,
      That make their walls of delusions, in their
      Mental cells, their personal hell; human,
      Being alival, not, la machines survival- now.

      9-11 Allowed Attacks, Was It Our Reichstag?

      The united suck of assassins, 95 % fascist,
      Switches from wonder bread, destroying bones
      In 12 ways, to whole wheat, in the Blackhouse;
      Giving a new hue to the rich's middle-class
      To poor sandwich. Will the condiments change,
      A Cinqo de Mayo to a dollop of mustard; one
      Taste of supposed Christianity for another-
      Will the surprises never cease? An answer,
      Faint, echoing, 'where's the beef'?, implores.

      Weimar Republic, Germany, got its eugenics
      Programs from CA, first they came for elderly,
      Medically and mentally ill, handicapped,
      Disabled, then the rest; like the republicans
      Are doing now. Defend yourself by defending
      Them, one for all, all for one; "we…", stand
      Together, or fall separately! Burning of the
      Reichstag by Hitler, blaming others, was his
      Excuse to take over; their fall. Remember a
      WWII lesson, if you're not taking bullets you're
      Making them. A heart in the heart of the
      Heartland is bleeding every moment, are you?

      Those Germans thought they 'had it like that'
      Too, mass destruction and murder were profit,
      Pleasure, 'liberties'. Patriotism, a supposed
      Excuse for Nazism. Now that almost all here
      Have been sociologically programmed into
      Lowest common denominator, uber-consuming
      Replications of vacuums, heads made of tape
      Recorders with cash registers attached,
      La machine, the convolutions devolution of
      Humanity into exigency, is almost complete.
      It only took 450 years of supposed science
      And religion, extermination to extinction.

      Man, the nexus of 35 billion years of evolution,
      Doesn't have to be wiped out in two decades;
      It, evoked, as a common language, the thread
      That links every…, in the fabric of life,
      Can dispel the corporate structures trap,
      Worldly trappings, that fill every orifice
      And eye. Civic irresponsibility, past
      Generations have heaped on our heads and
      Shoulders, only able to be borne on wings of
      Compassion, must be exorcised through our
      Only acting on it; realizing the growth of
      Responsibilities Siamese twin sister, freedoms,
      Flight- to the extent that we exercised it.

      What of the hand, remocrats, sky is bluing
      US, when they're not pathologically lying,
      The glove, dempublicans, liberal spread
      Of half truths, although, the lesser of the two?
      Saddam Barack Osama Hussein Obama Bin
      Laden's, as the remocrats call him, train that
      Could, hope, change, bipartisanship? Pope's,
      New, indulgences for the rich, no condoms for
      The poor, dictated? Normalcy, I don't suffer,
      Or, suffer from, nor, Euro-centrism, northern
      Malaise, academia, a blood disease. He may
      Have put the con back in their convolution,
      Yet, has anyone been fooled by the temporary
      Changes the `good cop' will put in place, the
      `Bad cop' will wipe away when the Blackhouse
      Is white washed, again? Where's real change?

      The audacity of nope resounds, that duopolies
      `Bipartisan' ship has sailed, and gotten us into
      The economic blackhole we're in, and will be, it
      Couldn't, possibly, get us out. Not even light,
      Nor, truth, escapes it. Without changing from
      Remocrat dictated scarcity based society, to
      Nature's, abundance based reality, they're just
      Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. All
      Changes every moment, "we, ...", need real
      Change of direction, knowing where you've been,
      Informs where you're at, and, only then, can one
      Direct where they go, yet, it must begin within,
      Self-actuation, turning 360 degrees around,
      Back to the future and the evolution- a
      Supplanting of everything, evolving.


      A 60 th: birth of Israel, and Al Nakba, mournful
      Remembrance of atrocities in Palestine; you and I.
      Two sides of the same coin? Spoils of war, what's
      Left for.., after all has been..? Coin of the realm,
      The destruction, murder that made it, and sides.
      At 16 I said USSR and USA were these sides, racing
      Towards each other, the closer they got, the more
      Alike…, exigency replacing humanity, globally;
      They're them in the Middle East, a mix of la
      Machine, beast, et al; extinction incarnate.
      Why there won't be anything but their peacing on
      Each other, `til they can war, warring pays 10 times
      More and they broke the sky; as everybody knows?!
      They just have to keep the convolutions show going
      Long enough, deluding enough, so, you don't be
      Change evolution needs; to stop the extermination
      Of humanity they dictate. When 100 million are
      Dying annually from unnatural disasters, instead
      Of 10, when war over food, water, is more common,
      And only military rules everywhere; peace will be
      A notion, like love conquering all, dwindling moms
      Tell kids, only when dads aren't around. Then,
      Humanity will be dead, after that, human species,
      Large mammals extinct. Why, `cause you believed
      Their cons now, like sides existing, to destroy,
      Kill, is profit, pleasure, etc.. If they wanted
      Peace there would be. Why do the convolutions lies
      Fly, `cause you let them. The life is indivisible,
      Divide and conquer only works on the divided. Be.

      Older Ones :)


      Addressing, not addressing them
      have costs, the former is individual,
      the later is global, as well.

      ends or means

      Neither do I embrace.
      Rather, the struggle well run,
      Which uplifts us uncrowned,
      Every moment humans race!


      If you don't exercise it,
      Its Siamese twin sister, freedom,
      Will wither, like a muscle, as well.

      A Weaver Of Life

      Happy Birthday
      To a student of Christ's and Ghandi's.
      One who had a dream that someday
      We'd live in the promised land and
      Took us by the hand.

      Yet, we won't get there
      If you don't break your chains,
      Refusing to be a pawn in their games.
      We can't turn our back to those
      Unchosen, on the outside or in,
      Simply 'cause they can't afford.

      We can bring them with us, if we,
      Resisting, everyday, their common
      Delusions, not be a link in that chain.
      The chains that keep our humanities
      Growth arrested, our potentials
      Unexplored; our thoughts,
      Feelings, and deeds flawed.

      If you don't refuse
      To be the chains that bind you,
      We'll never break the chain.
      The chain that murders.
      The chain of delusions.
      The chain of death.

      YOU CAN

      Talk the talk, walk the walk, and even
      Be the be, but, if you don't vote the vote,
      You'll never be livin' in a democracy!


      Your living was a gift.
      Your life taken shows us
      All how we're not being.
      Taking our own lives,
      In effect, by not doing
      All we can.

      You may be dead, yet,
      Still, you give us insight,
      That we're not fully alive.

      May your memory be
      A constant reminder of
      What we lose when
      We fail to be;
      That being everything.

      (For Amadou Diallo, who was assassinated by NYPD with 41 bullets (as a message to Africans, et al), when he complied with their request "to show them id", by reaching into his back pocket for his wallet.)

      Carry On

      'We will never stop
      'Til we get our freedom.'
      The song sings, while them that kill it,
      Greed driven, avarice ridden, never
      Filling their enlarging hole inside, for,
      They can't be, nor hide
      Their poverty or deathly stride,

      Murder to die.
      These murderers of life
      For delusional profits and pleasures,
      Why aren't they tried?
      Delusions are sweet,
      Illusions sweeter.

      So, what do we do?
      Their choosing is losing their potential
      To grow, and personal power in the
      Moment so, we show the growth, and
      Walk towards the dream,
      We're realizing for both.

      While life, here and now, is the point
      Made with art, in our hearts,
      Our beings are the heart of the point.
      So, it is I stand and say,
      The murder stops here.
      Turning our back to the convolution,
      We walk, evolution's way.


      As machinations of
      Travailing winds,
      Miraging, veil and mirror
      Narcissistic nihlistic
      False-ego, as self,
      We evince to be!

      C'est La Unvie

      A million monarchs lie dead, though,
      No less sociological programming of
      Upper-middle to rich classes with
      Decadence, affluence, inclusion, is.
      No less societal determination of
      Middle to lower, being excluded by
      Division and conquering, privation.
      Yet, they, on wing no more, still
      flyIn our spirit's eye, heal humanities'
      Heart. While their silent cry echoes
      The 33,000 species extinct each year,
      A rate not seen since the last ice age
      Ensued; does it move you?
      Does your curiosity ask why?
      Will you, on this 33rd Earth Day, allow
      A tear for all life's fallen? Consider
      The losses economic apartheid incurs,
      Mirrored by the divide human-centricity
      Has levied? Our underlying duplicitous
      Disregard for life, greed and oil fueled,
      Won't abate for our existence, will you?

      ( For the beautiful butterflies, et tu, mon amis, written one and a half years before the 33rd. )

      Well, what do you think, et al? Some of the groups I moderate, etc.. :)

      Disabled Greens News and discussion, Group:
      Abuse in Therapy, Group :
      Diffabled, Mental Health, all related issues,
      advocacy, and professionals: Invite link:
      http://passport.care2.net/invite.html?g=880 , Homepage:
      reality's 360 page and blog : http://360.yahoo.com/jamesmnordlund
      reality's My Space page, blog : http://myspace.com/jamesmnordlund
      Rights for Imprisoned People with Psychiatric Disabilities:
      United to Demand Justice and Social Change:
      Prison Abuse Social Network! Welcome to all Abolitionists:
      reality's Windows Live Space :
      reality's geocities website :
      Poets For Human Rights :
      Poets For Human Rights :)

      "Painting is poetry which is seen and not heard, and poetry is a painting which is heard but not seen." ~ Leonardo da Vinci. Enjoy a festive eve' as you can. Copy, share, as you will. Lest "we" forget, if you don't exercise responsibility, its Siamese twin sister, freedom, will wither, like a muscle, as well. Sadly, now, it first needs to be exorcized before its exercised. Viva la evolution. Music is life's song accompanying the abundance of joy's Spring. I look forward to hearing from you. Goodbye. For those interested :) "of or pertaining to the morning, day: relating to or happening in the morning or in the early part of the day (formal), (Mid-16th century, from late Latin matutinalis, from Matuta, goddess of the dawn.)".

      Matutinally Yours,

      james m nordlund reality (aja) :)
    • james m nordlund
      These Actions on Change.org, the url :) art, post/discuss poem :) http://socialentrepreneurship.change.org/actions/view/art_postdiscuss_poem
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        These Actions on Change.org, the url :)

        art, post/discuss poem :)

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