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Urgent -- Kansas' Last Chance for a Clean Energy Future?

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  • james m nordlund
    Dirty Coal or a Clean Energy Future for Kansas? Support Governor Sebelius Courageous Veto Big coal is once again pushing legislation that s just plain wrong
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2008
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      Dirty Coal or a Clean Energy Future for Kansas? Support Governor
      Sebelius' Courageous Veto
      Big coal is once again pushing legislation that's just plain wrong
      for Kansas—and this time they might get their way. Tell your
      Representative in Topeka to stand with the Governor.

      Big coal is at it again. They've pushed another bill through the
      Kansas legislature that would be an economic and environmental
      disaster. Today, Governor Sebelius properly vetoed that bill, but her
      veto is perilously close to being overriden in the Kansas House of

      Please contact your Representative in Topeka with a message of
      support for the Governor's courageous veto.


      The coal-fired power plants that Sunflower is proposing in western
      Kansas would deliver 83% of their power out of state, but rain down
      most of their toxic pollution on the populated areas of Kansas. Close
      to six billion gallons of water withdrawn from the Ogallala aquifer
      every year will have significant impacts on the region's agriculture,
      and 11 million tons of annual carbon dioxide emissions would make our
      global warming problem a lot worse.

      The latest study from the Innovest Group show the proposed plants to
      be a "significant risk" for Sunflower ratepayers and owners. But Big
      Coal's allies in Topeka refuse to compromise with the Governor, and
      keep trying to force these risky schemes through. It's time to
      say "enough is enough" and beat back these plans one more time—
      hopefully for good.

      Please click here to take action and tell the House to uphold the
      Governor's veto.

      After you send your message, please pass word along to some friends
      so they can take action too. There's a lot a stake here. Thank you
      for working to build a better world.

      Will Easton, Activism Manager
      CREDO Action from Working Assets

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