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Green Line: Ralph Nader to Speak at Green Party National Meeting

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  • james m nordlund
    Ralph Nader to Speak at Green Party National Meeting Reading, PA will be turning green from the 12-15th of July when the Green Party National Meeting comes to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2007
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      Ralph Nader to Speak at Green Party National Meeting

      Reading, PA will be turning green from the 12-15th of July when the
      Green Party National Meeting comes to town. With a huge number of
      workshops and speakers as well as a Music Fest to keep everyone
      entertained in the evenings it should be a great weekend. It will be
      a wonderful opportunity to learn the skills required to build
      effective campaigns, network with Greens from across the country and
      worldwide; and, most of all, to have fun.

      Ralph Nader is scheduled to speak on the Saturday and will be
      addressing the issue of Ballot access, an ever prevalent topic which
      resonates particularly clearly in Pennsylvania, a state with some of
      the most antidemocratic ballot access rules for third party
      candidates in the US. Ralph will be sharing the stage with 2006 PA
      Senate Candidate Carl Romanelli and renowned progressive hip-hop
      artist Head-Roc.

      The national meeting will also include presentations from former
      federal assistant secretary of housing Catherine Austin Fitts,
      President of Solari, Inc, Juan Behrend, Co-Secretary General of the
      European Green Party and Janet Eaton from the Green Party of Canada
      talking about the NAFTA Super Corridor.

      Workshops are sure to be another highlight of the weekend with topics
      ranging from "media relations" and "running for office" to a 3 day
      special workshop on "dismantling racism". As well as all of this
      there will be an early opportunity to hear from those seeking the
      Green Party nomination in the 2008 Presidential Race. Several
      candidates have already announced their intention to run so it's sure
      to be an interesting forum.

      The Music Fest is shaping up to have an impressive line up with noted
      Hip-Hop artist and Green Party member Head Roc and his DJ's Eurock
      and Noyeek headlining on the Saturday evening. Other performers
      include Juggling Suns, Green Onions, Hexbelt, Uncle Skip, and many
      others. Thursday night is looking to be an international night and
      there will also be a silent auction, vendors and exhibitors
      throughout the weekend.

      All in all it is sure to be a weekend full of interesting events and
      refreshing perspectives on the issues that matter. The Green Party
      will be certain to make Reading an "oasis of democracy". A
      comprehensive overview on everything you need to know about the
      meeting including how to sign up can be found at www.gpanc.org.

      Take advantage of the pre-meeting discount of $100 and register on-
      p.jsp?storefront_KEY=105. On-line registration ends on July 6th. On-
      site registration will be available for $115. Meal tickets and event
      tickets will be available for online purchase until July 6th. Event
      tickets will be available for purchase on-site, meal tickets will not.

      Greens Lead on Grassroots Action to Impeach

      Greens across the country are leading the way in the growing
      impeachment movement. The last few months have seen successful local
      referenda, actions, teach-ins, concerts, all calling for the
      impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Greens party interns Molly Keller
      and Jessica Bowerman participated in a rally last week at the capitol
      calling on Congress to impeach where they circulated petitions
      supporting Impeachment If you have not yet signed please do so here
      http://www.gp.org/action/index.shtml and ask others to sign as well.
      Several members of Congress have already appealed for impeachment,
      including Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey, Yvette Clarke, Dennis Kucinich,
      Jan Schakowsky, Albert Wynn, and William Lacy Clay. If you
      congressperson is not on this list, write to them and ask them to
      support impeachment. You can access our automated letter writing by
      going here http://www.gp.org/action/index.shtml.

      Green Party Animal Mascot . . . fate in hands of NC

      The Outreach Committee is in process of naming a Green Party Animal
      Mascot. The National Committee will be deciding in July if the Green
      Party should even have a mascot and if it approves the process then
      the following 11 options which were the top choices of Greens
      everywhere will be offered to narrow down the choices.
      Bee -
      immortality, rebirth, industry, order, purity, soul, chastity, secret
      wisdom, mother and priestesses, community.
      Dolphin -
      symbol for prosperity and the abundance of the earth; Kindness, play,
      savior, guide, sea power, swift, intelligence, communication, breath
      control, awareness of tone.
      Dove -
      universal symbol of peace and innocence, soul, transcendence, spirits
      of air, ascent, communication, freedom, sight.)
      Frog -
      cleansing, Peace, Emotional Healing, Connection with water element,
      sensitivity, medicine, hidden beauty, power.
      Otter -
      laughter, curiosity, mischievous, feminine power, grace, empathy,
      joy, play, helpfulness.
      Owl -
      wisdom, truth, patience, darkness, a death messenger, divination,
      solitude, detachment, wisdom, change, totem of clairvoyants and
      Polar bear -
      primal power, mother, cunning, healer, gentle strength, dreaming,
      sovereignty, intuition married with instinct, nurturing, protective
      Turtle -
      Self contained, creative source, Earth, informed decisions, planning,
      Whale -
      creativity, intuition, power of water, regeneration, death, rebirth.
      Wolf -
      loyalty, success, perseverance, stability, thought, pathfinder,
      teacher, intuition, learning, the shadow.
      NOTA -
      none of the above

      Beware of Water Privatization

      Water is life and privatization is not in the interest of the people.
      Canada recognizes this danger and recently passed a bill in the House
      of Commons to exclude water from NAFTA.

      Council of Canadians supports vote to exclude water from NAFTA The
      Council of Canadians congratulates all members of parliament who
      voted to exclude water from the North American Free Trade Agreement
      on June 05, 2007.

      The motion was passed in the House of Commons by a vote of 134 to
      108. Tabled by the Standing Committee on International Trade, the
      motion recommends that the Federal government "begin talks with its
      American and Mexican counterparts to exclude water from the scope of

      The Great Lakes Center for Public Policy is promoting a Water Bill of
      Rights for the People of the Great Lakes Basin:

      1. Water is Life.

      2. Water has value. Water is more valuable than oil.

      3. Water in the Great Lakes Basin is finite and in balance. Water
      diverted out of the basin is gone forever, there is a net loss.

      4. The waters of the Great Lakes and the groundwater of the Great
      Lakes Basin are contiguous.

      5. Water belongs to the citizens, creatures and eco-systems of the
      Great Lakes Basin.

      6. Water is in continuous motion. Water moves through a hydrologic
      cycle, from lakes to the air to precipitation to the land to
      groundwater and runoff to streams and rivers, and back to lakes and

      7. Water of the Great Lakes Basin cannot be privately owned.

      8. All public and private interests shall take note. Water needs,
      outside the Great Lakes Basin, which are created by squandering water
      resources or diminishing water reservoirs or polluting water or by
      creating water dependant industry, farming and residential need, or
      created by growing populations, cannot be cited as constituting
      compelling need for Great Lakes Basin Water diversion.

      9. Anyone who diverts or takes or removes water from the Great Lakes
      Basin, takes the property of the people of the state and other
      citizens of the Great Lakes Basin. Any diversion of the water of the
      Great Lakes Basin from the Basin diminishes all life in the Basin.

      10. Any person or corporation that pollutes or diminishes the quality
      of the waters of the Great Lakes Basin is guilty of a trespass and
      destruction of public property. Pollution or diminishment of the
      water constitutes a taking.

      11. Water diversion or sale of the waters of the Great Lakes Basin
      for private profit constitutes a taking or theft from the people.

      12. The elected representatives of the state have a right and a
      responsibility to protect the citizens of the Great Lakes Basin by
      protecting the waters of the Great Lakes Basin from pollution,
      diversion or taking for profit.

      For more information on Great Lakes Basin contact JoAnne Bier Beemon,
      Director Great Lakes Center for Public Policy at:

      All comments, feedback and content suggestions should be sent to:

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