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Union of Concerned Scientists: Automakers don't want you to see this car!

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  • james m nordlund
    Automakers don t want you to see this car! Urge Kansas to Adopt Clean Car Standards Dear james, Reducing smog-forming and global warming pollution from our
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2007
      Automakers don't want you to see this car!
      Urge Kansas to Adopt Clean Car Standards
      Dear james,

      Reducing smog-forming and global warming pollution from our cars,
      pickups, and SUVs is one of the key public health and environmental
      challenges America faces today. In the absence of federal action, 11
      states have already sought to address vehicle pollution by adopting
      California's landmark clean car standards.

      Union of Concerned Scientist engineers have recently created the UCS
      Vanguard—a clean car model that uses existing vehicle technologies
      and fuels to reduce pollution without sacrificing safety and
      performance or substantially increasing vehicle cost. To ensure that
      all Americans enjoy the benefits of cleaner cars, please contact your
      state legislators today and urge their leadership in adopting the
      clean car standards.


      Scott Nathanson
      National Field Coordinator
      Clean Vehicles Program

      Subject: Please Support Clean Car Standards

      Dear State Legislator,

      We need your leadership to bring cleaner cars to our state. Given the
      health, economic, and environmental effects of smog-forming and
      global warming pollution – combined with the lack of federal action –
      we must join the 11 states that have adopted California's strong
      vehicle emissions standards.

      Adopting clean car standards will reduce emissions without
      substantially increasing vehicle cost or harming auto dealer profits.
      Indeed, a new vehicle design by engineers from the Union of Concerned
      Scientists shows the clean car standards can be cost-effectively met
      using existing vehicle technologies and fuels.

      I encourage you to champion this vital initiative, and look forward
      to your reply.


      james nordlund

      Take Action!

      Click here to take action on this issue.


      Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this.

      More Information:
      Currently, 11 states have adopted and at least six states are
      considering the adoption of California's strong standards for global
      warming and smog-forming emissions from vehicles. A number of others
      are considering adoption as well.

      These rules require about a 30 percent reduction in global warming
      emissions from new vehicles by 2016. Under a provision of the federal
      Clean Air Act, states are permitted to adopt initiatives, like
      California's clean car rules, that go beyond federal vehicle
      pollution standards.

      UCS engineers recently developed a new clean car design – the UCS
      Vanguard – that dismantles the key automaker arguments against the
      standards. The UCS Vanguard package would achieve at least a 41
      percent reduction in heat-trapping emissions from small and large
      cars, minivans and small and large trucks.



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